Wedding Shoes That Will Keep You on Your Feet!

All brides want the best on their BIG day when everyone close to them is together. A lot of planning will go into ensuring that the day is memorable. 


And while several overwhelmed brides overlook their wedding shoes, thinking that footwear is the least of their worries, you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s one of the most significant aspects. 


What good will having an excellent band be when you can’t dance and enjoy the night away because you got the wrong wedding shoes?


Let’s avoid this dilemma by ensuring you find the wedding shoes that will keep you on your feet. You’ll be standing, walking, mingling, and dancing at your wedding party, so you need comfortable and supportive footwear. 


There are other factors to consider in ensuring you find the perfect pair of bridal shoes, so we better ask for help from the experts!


The team at Wildfire will give you some of the essential points to consider and some tips to ensure you have the best footwear on your big day. 


More than making you look good, the right wedding shoes can make you feel great on your feet for hours. Let’s start!


1. The Height


Height matters when looking for comfortable bridal shoes. If you’re not used to staggering footwear, now is not the right time to try it for the first time. We should stick to the height you’re comfortable in. 


No explicit rule requires brides to wear high-heeled wedding shoes, especially now that excellent choices are available in low heels and flats.


But if you prefer to add a few centimetres, you’re welcome to do so. Block heels are an excellent choice for bridal heels because they distribute the load evenly. 


For instance, you can maximise the fun and reduce the strain on your big day with some help from Bonsai. Theseblock heels from Wildfire stand at 11.5cm. 


No reason to fret, as they also come with a 2cm platform sole, which saves your feet from a steep and painful incline. These wedding shoes will keep you supported for an extended period.


2. Toe Box


A debate that usually arises about wedding shoes is what kind of toe box to get. Is wearing open toes better than closed ones?


People often suggest choosing bridal shoes with a roomy toe box because having enough space for your toes to spread will help keep you on your feet comfortably. 


How can you last an extended period wearing a pointy style that constantly rubs your toes?


Weather is a massive factor to consider when deciding on the toe box of your wedding shoes. Getting married in the cold season means staying warm and dry throughout. 


Closed-toe wedding shoes are ideal during autumn and winter, while open-toes are for the remaining months. Have you ever thought of getting married in heeled boots during the winter?


If you decide to go the unconventional route and choose boots as your wedding shoes, consider adding Gaze to your options. 


These white Wildfire heeled boots offer a broad block heel and rounded toe for hours of comfort, a zip at the back for easy wearing, a thick material around the foot for warmth, and a soft material around the ankle for a relaxed and secure fit.


3. Secure fit


Brides have this fear of accidentally removing their wedding shoes while walking down the aisle, which is one of the highlights of the ceremony. Address this concern by choosing styles with adjustable closures to customise the fit. 


Fastenings in wedding shoes will keep you supported and stable, preventing scenarios like what happened to Cinderella. You don’t want to leave your wedding shoes in the middle of the dance floor.


Most ofWildfire’s bridal and evening heels come with buckled ankle straps for this purpose. You can adjust the fit and secure the wedding shoes. Hitched, aptly named for the event, is an excellent Wildfire footwear. 


These wedding shoes are a popular choice for brides because of their ankle-buckled strap for a comfortable fit, block heels for support, and a band of glimmering diamantes across the toes for elegance.


4. Cushions and Inserts


Using cushions and inserts is the trick to making wedding shoes more comfortable to spend hours on your feet. These godsent products alleviate the pressure and pain even before you feel them. 


Wearing gel cushions on your wedding shoes can absorb shock and relieve pressure on the balls of your feet from prolonged wear of heels. Your wedding guest would be green with envy as you walk, dance, and mingle without feeling any pain and discomfort. 


How do they work?


Stick them inside your wedding shoes, around the area of the ball of the foot, and let them do their magic. Get your gel cushions from Wildfire and experience long-lasting and reusable comfort. 


It would be nice to add heel grips, too, because they prevent your heel from rubbing with your wedding shoes, saving you from painful blisters!


5. Break in and Practise


The last tip is to wear your wedding shoes confidently. We don’t want you stomping your feet around four hours into the ceremony because your footwear is bothering you. 


It’s best to buy your wedding shoes early—not last minute like some brides mistakenly did—so you have time to practise and break them in. 


Spending thirty minutes a day and increasing the duration as you get near the big day will give you muscle memory to make walking in heels a breeze. 


As you break in your wedding shoes, they mould to your foot shape, providing a comfortable custom fit to keep you on your feet for hours!


Practise walking on different surfaces, especially on the same one as your venue. Outdoor locations can be tricky, especially when dealing with soil, sand, or pavement cracks. 


If you get married on any of these soft and slippery surfaces, ensure you wear block heels so you won’t get caught!


Say I Do with the Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes at Wildfire!


Ensure your wedding day has only happy memories! Grab your wedding shoes from the nearest Wildfire retailer store, or shop your bridal shoes online! Take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later.


But wait…


The hunt for your bridal shoes may be done, but the search for Wildfire attire is just beginning! Visit our bridesmaid shoes page now to see what we offer. 


Just as you require beautiful shoes to complement your wedding dress on your special day, your bridesmaids will need the same.


Just remember, Wildfire provides a variety of bridal shoes that offer all-day comfort. They are perfect for wearing at the reception, on the dance floor, and entertaining guests. Combining your bridesmaids dresses and these shoes will make them feel equally gorgeous all day.


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