Wedding Shoes That Will Make You a Stylish and Comfortable Bride

Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes


When it comes to buying wedding shoes, finding a balance between functionality and fashion can seem tricky. Today, Wildfire is here to inspire your next shopping trip with some quick questions and information about our wedding shoes. Let’s begin!


Have you considered wearing flats?


If you’re unfussed about heels or getting married outdoors, then flat wedding shoes can be a great option! Wildfire’s summery sandals may have a casual feel, but they’d suit a beach or garden venue beautifully. Instead of risking a rolled ankle when you try to take pumps across soft lawn, do it easily in slides. Besides; you’ll find dancing at the after-party or reception much better in these practical wedding shoes.


Why should you pick high heels?


Considering how long you’ll have to spend wearing your wedding shoes, it’s almost counter-intuitive to grab heels for the Big Day. However, there are heaps of benefits to choosing styles with a heel. In a shorter dress, your heels will help define and contour your legs to look longer and slimmer. If your partner is taller than you, then stilettos even the odds too. And, finally, wedding shoes that give you a height boost can fix the fit of your dress.


How long is your dress?


Wedding shoes can play an influential role in how well your dress fits, so make sure that you buy them at around the same time. High heels can be a great cheat to fix the length of floor-brushing gowns. Instead of forking out even more money to get your already expensive dress altered again, you can compensate with a towering set of wedding shoes to get those last few centimetres.


Keep the aesthetics in mind as well!


Every Big Day has its fair share of photography and filming, and we know the bride always has to look her best. So, what aspects of wedding shoes can impact the look of your outfits?


Once again, the width of a heel can change the entire feel of a bridal ensemble. While our styles will make your legs look elongated and lithe, there is something to be said about their visual weight. Stiletto-style wedding shoes are at one end of the spectrum; the skinny platform looks wondrous with lightweight fabrics and flowing material. Block heels, on the other hand, can look clunky or heavy under some dress materials. In short, your wedding shoes need to perform a balancing act so that they don’t overpower your outfit.


There’s also the colours to consider when selecting styles. At Wildfire, classic natural and white wedding shoes are our top favourites, but wedding shoes with metallic or glitter finishes can add extra sophistication and grace to your look. Modern brides might also be tempted to try our sweet lilac design too.  


Finally, Wildfire also gives you the option of wedding shoes in faux suede, synthetic leather, or polished patent material. The coating seems like a trivial feature, but it can add an attractive element or make your wedding shoes subtler.


Still, it’s up to you to decide how high or low your wedding shoes should be!


In the end, you’re the one who has to wear them. Prioritise comfort and support, but make sure you find a style that appeals to you. Be critical about the benefits and potential issues in each design until you find something that stands out as the best.


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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of our styles. If you want wedding shoes that make your Big Day one to remember, then shop with us today!