Wedding Shoes That Will Stand Out for All the Right Reasons!

Organising your big day requires maximum effort from start to finish. So apart from your tasteful and refined decisions, comfort is also crucial. And among the items, you must consider for comfort are wedding shoes. 


Are you looking for classic, elegant, or modern bridal shoes? Then head to Wildfire and choose from the entire collection of beautiful designs with traditional and contemporary finishes. It's easy to attain a style of consummate elegance with the White Collection. 


What are the most comfortable wedding shoes? If you have decided to wear heels on your wedding day, thicker, low-heeled shoes are a reliable and familiar choice. However, wedding shoes that allow you to walk naturally at your ceremony and reception are essential. 


You carry bridal heels in several colours, including classic white, nude, gold, and silver in satin and leather finishes. The perfect wedding gown with the right wedding shoes and accessories is crucial to your big day, so don't let them be a worry with comfort and quality in mind to ensure you look incredible and are comfortable on your feet.


Nobody wants to experience pain or wear the wrong pair of wedding shoes when everything is going smoothly, especially you. So consider buying your footwear from Wildfire because our collection is comfortable to get you through the day and allows you to dance the night away. 


Remember that years down the line, you'll look at the pictures and remember what a memorable day it was.


We want to make your big day uneventful, unforgettable, and stylish too!


There are several things you need to consider when choosing wedding shoes. 


The team at Wildfire has gathered a checklist of features to help you decide which one to use.


1. Heel Height


Heel height is a critical consideration when choosing wedding shoes. The platform and heel should not be more than 3 to 4 cm and 12 cm, respectively. If you buy a pair of wedding shoes that are too high, you might have to take them off towards the end of the night. 


In addition to heels, opting for platforms guarantees that the feet will be comfortable during several hours of standing, walking, and mingling. If platform wedding shoes are not your thing, consider styles with a hidden platform. 


Also, consider the height difference between you and the groom when choosing your heel height.


Do you want to be eye-level, shorter, or taller than him? Wildfire's wedding shoes come in these heel heights: 7, 8, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11.


2. Colour


Generally speaking, your wedding shoes should match the colour of your gown. Therefore, take a small piece of your dress when you go footwear shopping to make it easier. For example, our wedding shoes at Wildfire come in 10 different colours: black, blue, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, silver, vanilla, and white. 


Gone are the days when white was the only acceptable colour. Additionally, remember what accessories you're using when selecting your wedding shoes. Your footwear can be more extravagant if you are wearing simple accessories.


3. Heel Type


The type of heel you choose will determine how comfortable you will be on your big day. Wildfire has several types you can consider.


  1. Block heels have a thick width that distributes your weight evenly. In addition, these wedding shoes relieve pressure on the balls of your feet. As a result, you have fewer chances of toppling forward and staying comfortable throughout the day. 


We have the perfect fit for you, whether you want to walk down a garden path in crystal block heels or march in an orthodox cathedral in pearl strap heels. Our special-occasion wedding shoes and evening heels will meet your needs. 


In addition, we carry a range of women's bridal shoes that suit any style and match any wedding dress.


  1. Stiletto heels are pointed and slender, which needs some familiarisation. While they make you look sexy, these wedding shoes shift your balance and can be dangerous as you walk down the aisle. Moreover, they can get stuck on soil, sand, and pavement cracks.


 In most cases, the most comfortable wedding shoes are stiletto alternatives. However, if comfort is your chief concern, look for wedding shoes with a lower heel, such as kitten heels, block heels, platforms, or flats.


  1. Low heels do not have steep inclines that can hurt your feet. Instead, these wedding shoes provide a bit of height to keep you walking and dancing for hours. But, of course, there's more to comfort than flats. Just because you want to be comfortable on your special day doesn't mean you must wear flats. 


You can add height to your silhouette and still be the last person standing on the dance floor. Here are our top picks for comfortable wedding shoes that aren't flats: kitten heels, which feature slim, short heels. Block heels have thick, sturdy heels and platforms that keep your feet straight. If you're uncomfortable in a sky-high stiletto heel on your special day, why not opt for a flat, low heel, or style set on top of a chunky block heel? These styles offer practicality but still ensure you're looking your best.


4. Weather Conditions


Another critical step is picking wedding shoes that fit the weather. Nobody wants to have (literally) cold feet on their wedding day, as this is the body part most affected by the weather. So choose open toes if your special day is in the summer or spring.


It is preferable to wear shoes with closed toes during the winter and fall months.


5. Venue


You should select your wedding shoes according to the venue's surface. For example, wedding shoes for outdoor wear are flats, ballerina flats, delicate sandals, and bridal sneakers. Instead, opt for block heels, wedges, and platforms. Are there comfortable wedding shoes for wide feet?


Venue 1 - Indoor Ceremony   


Traditional indoor ceremonies typically take place in a church. But other indoor locations include hotels and houses. Brides have more freedom to choose their wedding shoes for indoor ceremonies because they don't need to consider natural elements. If you practice walking in your footwear, you'll master gliding around like a pro.


Venue 2 - Outdoor Ceremony   


Outdoor ceremonies usually happen in lush gardens or beaches, with the ocean and waves as the backdrop. It sure is a beautiful and romantic setting. However, your wedding shoes must go well with outdoor venues like a garden, a lawn, or the beach. 


Only wear stilettos if you are okay with them shrinking and getting stuck in grass, sand, or pavement cracks. Block heels will save you and keep you comfortable the whole time. The range of wedding shoes at Wildfires, ideal for outdoor venues, will leave you wanting to get 


A Practical Bride Is a Smart Bride!


An additional tip from our team: buy your footwear before having your bridal dress tailored so that you can fit and achieve the proper length. Also, bring a spare pair of footwear. It doesn't have to be new. 


We've got you covered whether you're after a simple pair of classic white leather wedding heels, sparkly embellished heels, or nude wedding heels. Bridesmaid Shoes Let's not forget the bridesmaid shoes! Check out our special occasion heels, like those for bridesmaids and wedding guests. 


We have on-trend gold, silver, and gunmetal metallic heels, nude stiletto heels, and black strappy bridesmaid heels to take your pick. But, of course, any stylish pair you have at home will do. 


In comparison to Bella Belle, ours are more affordable. In addition, we carry a range of women's bridal shoes that suit any style and match any wedding dress. The perfect pair will suit any style and match any wedding dress and make them glamorous for bridal outfits from the engagement party to the reception. Any modern bride will love it.


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