Wedding Shoes That Will Take You from the Aisle to the Dance Floor with Ease!

Are you excited about the special day? Planning for such a monumental day requires all-out effort from the day of the proposal. You will decide on many things, including your beautiful shoes for your wedding.


From the venue, food, number of guests, motif, and gown design, you must be going crazy over what to prioritize. Of course, all of them are essential, but you must remember how critical it is that you're comfortable on your big day. 


You will be standing, walking down the aisle, mingling with guests, and dancing all night, so the bridal shoes you choose will play a massive role on your wedding day.


The perfect pair you choose at Wildfire ticks all the boxes – comfortable, stylish, versatile, and affordable. You will have the best day, whatever style you end up picking. You can walk down the aisle elegantly with Wildfire bridal shoes and enjoy the wedding party afterward—pain-free.


Do you want to look good in your photos, smiling and having the time of your life? Then, do not buy painful footwear that will make you regret it big time! Instead, go with Wildfire, and you will shine on your wedding day! 


To help you decide on the perfect footwear, our team at Wildfire will give you a rundown of considerations to help you find the one.


1. Style


Choosing the style of your wedding shoes is critical. Do you want to show your toes or hide them? Going for footwear that shows your toes would require preparing your feet and getting a pedicure.


While wedding shoes that cover your toes remove that extra step, since you're not showing your toes anyway, you must know that you may experience considerable discomfort because they squeeze your toes together. 


Also, consider if you want ankle straps on your footwear. These straps help keep your bridal shoes in place as you walk, mingle, and dance the night away.


You don't want a Cinderella moment where you leave your footwear somewhere in the venue, do you?


2. Heel Type


Your comfort level on your special day will depend on the type of heel you select for your wedding shoes.


Consider these heel types available at Wildfire.


  • Block heels have a broad base that evenly distributes your weight. These heels relieve your feet's balls and reduce the possibility of you toppling forward and losing balance on your big day.
  • Since stiletto heels are narrow and pointed, they can be uncomfortable at first. Although these bridal heels elongate your legs and make you look sexier, these bridal shoes alter your balance. 


Also, wearing them for more than two hours will cause pain and discomfort, which we are trying to avoid on your wedding day. Plus, they can get stuck on soil, sand, and pavement cracks.


  • Low heels lack sharp inclines that could harm your feet. Instead, a low-heel shoe style will give you a little height and comfort, getting you through hours of dancing and walking.


3. Colour


Your wedding shoes should be the same colour as your dress. Please take a little piece of your wedding dress fabric with you when you shop for footwear to make it easier. 


Nine colours are perfect for bride and bridesmaid shoes at Wildfire: black, blue, clear, gold, natural, pink, silver, vanilla, and white.


The idea that white was the only acceptable colour for bridal footwear is long gone. Some brides would even pick the brightest colour for their footwear and make them their accent piece. When choosing your wedding shoes, remember the accessories you're wearing.


If you're going for simple accessories, you may go all out and be more extravagant in the design of your footwear.


4. Venue


Choose a pair of shoes for your wedding compatible with the venue's floor type so you won't slip accidentally.


Venue 1—Outdoor Ceremony


Outdoor venues are on beaches, with the sound of the sea in the background, or in lush gardens, under beautiful flower arches. Both are beautiful and romantic! However, you must consider the type of shoes you'll wear because walking on soil or sand can be tricky.


Stilettos are a no-no because they will shrink and get stuck on grass. Sand or cracks in the pavement


Block bridal heels will be your best wedding shoes if you choose an outdoor venue. You'll want more than one pair from Wildfires because they have an excellent selection.


Venue 2—Indoor Ceremony


Frequent indoor locations include churches, hotels, and even houses. You're in luck when your venue is one of these three because you'll have more shoe options. In addition, you don't need to consider natural elements and floors.


All you need to do is take time to practise on different flooring types—wood, marble, and carpet—and you're all set. Then, wear your perfectly comfortable wedding shoes and glide like a pro to your groom!


5. Weather Conditions


Another important thing is to choose bridal footwear that goes with the weather, especially unpredictable ones. On the big day, no one wants to experience "cold feet," the body part most susceptible to changes in climate. 


So choose open-toed wedding shoes if your big day falls in the spring or summer. It is preferable to wear closed-toe wedding shoes in the colder months of winter and fall.


A Practical Bride Wears the Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes With Her Fabulous Wedding Gown!


When choosing their ideal wedding shoes, contemporary ladies are more practical. They will buy their footwear with the future in mind, meaning a pair they can use again after their big day. 


Lucky for you, Wildfire's extensive collection of bridal footwear is excellent, and you will find one perfect for walking down the aisle and dancing the night away.


As the bride, follow your heart and consider all we've shared. What do you want to wear? It's all about you. Choose comfortable wedding shoes that will always remind you how happy you were on your big day!


The Wildfire team has one more tip: buy your shoes before having your wedding dress altered so you can get the right length and perfect fit. Also, bring a spare pair of footwear on your big day so you can feel comfortable after all the main parts of the programme. They don't have to be new, so you could use any stylish pair you have at home.


Do You Think Wildfire Has The Perfect Bridal Shoes To Match Your Wedding Gown?


We are anticipating your thunderous "I do." We guarantee that Wildfire wedding shoes will provide all-day comfort, from walking down the aisle to dancing the night away! So begin your search for bridal shoes online at Wildfire's online shop. Or browse the collection of styles we have at the store nearest you.


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