Wedding Shoes You’ll Love!


Unleash your wild side with Wildfire wedding shoes!

We’ve got something to suit ladies of all ages, venues of every kind, and have all attendees looking their best! You may not believe us now, but one look at our range will show you that Wildfire has got bridal wear covered. So, if you want to know all the ins and outs of wedding shoes this season, then keep on reading. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to shop confidently.  


You can’t deny that our skinny heels would make fabulous wedding shoes!


As some of our most elegant and sophisticated styles, these slim heels are the time-tested favourite for brides, bridesmaids, and guests. If your invite told you to dress-to-impress, then these wedding shoes will make you feel at home at the most formal venues.


The shortest version of these wedding shoes is our kitten heels. Their vintage sling-back look has given them a boost in popularity this season, and their versatility means that you’ll get wear out of these after the Big Day too.


Otherwise, our sweet cocktail-style wedding shoes always look amazing with bridal attire. If you know you can go the distance in these skinny heels, then there’s no reason to pass them up!


Our block heels make fantastic wedding shoes for long events and outdoor settings


As glamorous and chic as skinny heels are for bridal wear, block-based styles have the upper hand in terms of long-lasting comfort. And, once the official ceremony is complete and it’s time to party, you can dance to your heart’s content in these wedding shoes!


The thick base on our block heels, platforms, and espadrille wedges is the leading support for your legs and feet. A wide heel on your wedding shoes guarantees long-lasting comfort and better balance. These styles are essential for women who need something dressy and formal that also treats their feet right.


Our favourite wedding shoes from this collection include mules, strappy self-tie wedges, and minimalist looks with slim bands. You can find a variety of heights in our range as well, so it’s no trouble to find something that suits your needs and comfort. You also have your pick of materials with these wedding shoes, such as synthetic leather finishes and soft faux suede.


You can try some of our flats too! 


If the bride-and-groom-to-be haven’t set strict rules or dress codes for attire and wedding shoes, then why wouldn’t you wear sandals or slides? Not only will these flat wedding shoes bring you far superior comfort, but they’re also ideal for warm weather. And, if the upcoming ceremony is staged outside (like so many spring and summer ceremonies are), then you’ll have a better time moving across lawns and stone paths in sandals. Saying vows on the beach is extremely popular during the gorgeous warm summer weather, and you’d have an easier time wearing flat wedding shoes on the sand than you would heels!


Wildfire has strapped sandals, mule-style slides, ballet flats, and other cool designs that you might try. We’re confident that women of all ages will be able to find an ideal pair of wedding shoes from amongst this range. You can find ones in natural and white (the most classic bridal shades), but we have plenty of trendy patterned looks too. So, if you want the best endurance out of your wedding shoes, then take home our flats! 


So, which of these three leading styles will you get this season? 


Discover your dream pair of wedding shoes at Wildfire! Shop with us, and we’ll help you make the Big Day memorable for all the right reasons!