Wedding Shoes You Won’t Want to Kick Off Halfway Through the Night

Do you have a wedding just around the corner and have to find the perfect pair of shoes for the wedding day? If that is a yes, then come to the right place, the Wildfire brands shop. We have the best style of wedding shoes on offer, and they most certainly are not the pairs you would want to kick off halfway through the night. Finding the right pair of wedding shoes can be challenging at the best of times. 


It is always difficult to find our desired size, colour, and footwear design for the special day. To help you with your decision making, we have gathered some wedding shoes that we know are a hit for every bride. They are comfortable, stylish, and super cute for any marital event.


If you need a new pair of wedding shoes like alexandra heels, then keep on reading. We have the best set of pumps for you, girl! 


1. Block heels 


A set of block heels are the perfect bridal shoes to invest in. These pumps are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. Not only are these block heels super gorgeous, but they are also elegant and classy. 


You can easily style these with just about any outfit, so you will not have to worry about that when buying a pair. We love to see a girl’s style like a set of block heels with a stunning midi-dress. This look can accentuate the legs, which then draws focus to your pair of block heels. 


Wearing these pumps as wedding shoes will be the best thing you ever do. You will feel comfortable, at ease and supported all day and night long, which is the ultimate goal for every girl. 


Whether you are the brides to be or the bridesmaids, a pair of block heels on your feet will make for the perfect pair of wedding shoes. There are many ways to style a pair of block heels, so your options are endless when you wear these pumps. 


You will fall in love almost instantly when you wear a pair of these bad boys.  


2. Wedge heels


Girl, get ready for this! The wedding shoes that you are missing from your life are a pair of wedge heels. These pumps are the most comfortable and wearable pairs of wedding shoes that you will find. 


What we love about a set of these pumps is that they have a thick heel. This feature provides an opportunity for women to wear a tall pair of heels without straining their back or feet too much. These pumps are the perfect in-between for so many styles of heels. 


The wedge heels are a gorgeous style of footwear that you will love to have in your footwear collection. Rocking a pair of wedding shoes with your favourite outfit will feel so much better. 


We recommend wearing a pair of wedge heels with a flowy summer dress or a long maxi skirt. These looks complement the style of wedding shoes you choose to wear because the flowy skirts and dresses will make you look taller with wedge heels on as well. 


These pumps are the ultimate go-to wedding shoes if you want to party all night long, sis! 


3. Platform Slides 


Keep things classy and cute with a pair of platform slides. This style of wedding shoes is super laidback and relaxed with the vibe it is channeling. These wedding shoes are perfect for a day out in the sun in the park or at the beach. 


Platform slides are a stylish and trendy style of footwear that is currently making headlines in the fashion world. With a pair of platform slides in your white collection, you can easily style them with a laidback outfit or dress them up when needed. 


This look is where a set of platform slides become the best pair of wedding shoes to own. These kicks look best with flowy outfits to give off that bohemian vibe. The Wildfire new collections of platform slides feature a range of unique styles and designs, so you will never be stuck on options. 


These are the perfect pair of wedding shoes if you are attending a laidback event but still want to have great height and style for your look. Slay all day queens!


4. Self-Tie Sandals


Treat yourself to a pair of self-tie sandals, girl! These are the latest kicks to make their mark in the fashion world. Self-tie sandals are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe because of how comfortable and easy-to-wear they are. You can never find a better pair of kicks that are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. These are the perfect pair of wedding shoes because they are fashionable, which means you can style them to suit any particular event. 


A set of self-tie sandals will have you feeling some way. We love to see these kicks get styled with a mini dress that is either loose-fitting or skin-tight and bridal accessories. Any short outfit will pair perfectly with these self-tie sandals. 


If you want these as your go-to wedding shoes, you should try to style them with an outfit that shows off your legs. These wedding shoes look best when you show a little skin because the self-tie straps sit at the mid-calf level. The best thing about self-tie sandals is that you can wear them again to other events or a more casual setting. 


5. Flatforms


Wearing a pair of perfect fit flatforms as your go-to pair of wedding shoes will be the best thing you do, girl! These kicks are a dream to wear on your feet because they ensure you are comfortable all night long. 


You could spend hours in these beautiful shoes and not feel any discomfort at all. Flatforms are the new go-to pair of kicks for girls who love to wear comfortable and stylish footwear. These are designed with the idea of being a thong and flat all in one. 


These can get easily worn as a pair of wedding shoes to any special event, and they can get worn again on other occasions thanks to their casual feel. You will never have a dull moment with these kicks on your feet, sis!    


Ready to get your hands on the perfect pair of wedding shoes? 


We know how hard it can be to find the ultimate pair of wedding shoes that do not make you want to throw your new pumps into the bin halfway through the night. Spend your evening having fun and celebrating love in a pair of comfortable wedding shoes.


With our suggestions on the best footwear styles, we are sure that you have found something you love. Head to the Wildfire shop website and get your hands on a pair of these pumps today! Enjoy our exclusive offers! Pre-order now!