What Are The Most Comfortable Summer Work Heels From Wildfire?


What makes the most comfortable pair of summer heels for work?

Wildfire is here to answer that question today, and to guide you to your ideal pick! If you have a tough time picking summer heels that look and feel great during your nine-to-five, then we’ve got some great advice to give. To find a style that makes you smile this season, all you need to do is keep reading! Some of our summer heels will suit your needs better than others, and once you realise which ones those are, you’ll be able to narrow down your options quickly. Now, shall we get started?


How much movement does your job entail?


To get summer heels that can see you through the day comfortably, you need to be realistic about what they should be able to handle.


First, think about the kind of transit you have in the morning


The ideal set of summer heels for someone who gets to work on public transport might not be best for someone who walks or drives their car to the office. For instance, we’d recommend ladies with a long walk to work, or who have to stand during their bus or train ride, to get block-based summer heels. Broad styles bring excellent balance and support, so you’re less likely to trip, wobble, or get sore feet with these on your feet. However, if you head straight from your car to your office, then thinner summer heels will pose fewer issues.


Second, consider how much walking and standing you have to do


Stillettos and tall summer heels are the best picks for ladies who sit for most of their day. That way, you can enjoy the elegant look they bring you and avoid any negative aspects of the styles. However, if you spend a lot of your day standing or are constantly on the move, then you might not appreciate the pressure and strain that come from a full day wearing skinny or sky-high summer heels. If you’re very active during your workday, then we recommend low or wide styles. These summer heels will bring the longest-lasting comfort and keep you cosier for longer.


Third, remember to stick to your office dress code


There’s nothing worse than buying a cute new pair of summer heels for work, only to find out that they aren’t suitable. If your office has stick rules about what you can and can’t wear, then be sure that you review the details before your next shopping trip. What we can tell you now is that most popular rule for summer heels is that they need to have enclosed toes. If this is the case for you, then Wildfire still plenty of options. We’ve got pointy-toed pumps and block-based styles. Our sling-back kitten-style summer heels will keep your toes covered too. However, if you’re allowed to wear whatever you want, then you’ve got your pick of our range!


So, what do we recommend this season?


Once again, if you want the best comfort from your summer heels, then make sure their base is short, thick, or both. That way, you’ll be able to handle whatever your workday can throw at you! We’d also like to recommend our flatform summer heels. These have the look of our best sandals, but they bring a little more formality with their flat platform base. They may not be the best pick in conservative settings, but if your office is relaxed (or has casual Fridays), then these summer heels are a trendy and comfy option.


We hope this has been helpful!


Find the summer heels of your dreams from Wildfire today, and we’ll help you stay cosy at work!