What Features to Look for in a Pair of Boots!

Are you looking for a new pair of winter boots? Once the cold weather starts coming in, you know it’s time to start trading your summertime slides and trainers for something with a bit more coverage. After all, the best way to keep your feet and legs from getting cold (or wet) is by wearing winter boots. Since we know you might be new to shopping at Wildfire, or a bit behind on the current trends, we’ve decided to compile a quick and easy guide to our collection.


Down below, we have explanations of a few of the best-loved winter boots here at Wildfire. Do you want to know which ones deserve a spot in your cold-weather wardrobe? Read about these winter boots and explore your options!

Have a peek at our flat pull-on designs!


We’re starting you off with an effortless staple style. Flat winter boots are a must-have for any woman’s collection. Since they don't have a large heel, you won’t have to worry about getting sore feet while you’re out and about. Just throw on your winter boots with your favourite jeans, jumper, and jacket, and you can be out from dawn until dusk without any discomfort. 


Here at Wildfire, the pull-on shoes that we have in this design are all black and made from synthetic leather. So, not only are these winter boots an instant-match with any outfit, but they can also protect your feet from the elements. After all, synthetic leather has outstanding water resistance, which means you can stomp them through as many puddles as you want! 


If you’re interested in pull-on winter boots with a touch of elegance, then you could also try our block-heeled version! These also come in glossy tan material, so you have even more styling choices to enjoy.  

You’ll look ravishing in our ruched winter boots!


How do you feel about calf-high styles with a gorgeous ruche feature? When you want winter boots that look stunning and keep your legs toasty and warm, you can’t pass these up! Wildfire’s ruched styles are calf-high, so you’ll enjoy even more warmth from these faux suede shoes than your standard ankle-high designs. The soft fabric is cosy to wear, and, since the texture is a fashionable feature, you can get away with wearing plain outfits with winter boots in this look. They look cute under jeans, but we recommend pairing them with sweater dresses and similar clothes for a truly eye-catching ensemble. 

Thigh-high winter boots are guaranteed to please trendsetters!


The next option for your seasonal collection is our over-the-knee shoes. Thigh-highs are some of the boldest winter boots in the Wildfire range, and we know they’re some of the best to wear in icy-cold weather! After all, the lovely faux suede fabric covers you from toe to thigh! Like our ruched designs, many people choose to wear over-the-knee pairs with dresses and skirts, since the shoes can compensate warmth for your short-cut outfits. 

Sensational sock booties are popular in 2020, too!


Finally, sock-style winter boots would also be an excellent buy from Wildfire. The skinny ankle sock is stretchy for ease of wear, while also creating a flattering effect for your calves. Rounded toes and tall block heels combine to give these winter boots a chic profile. In 2020, there’s no shortage of ways that you could dress sock booties. You can match your winter boots with your go-to casual outfit in the afternoon, get changed into your dinner-date or party-ready clothes, and then keep on going! 

Are any of our winter boots calling your name?


We hope you liked this little look at the Wildfire collection, but remember; nothing beats jumping online and going through them yourself!