What is the best shoe sole material?

There are different types of soles for shoes and Spendless is here to help you understand what is the best shoe sole material for your shoes!

There are different types of soles for shoes which include polyurethane, leather, rubber, plastic, sheet and sheet sole.

At Spendless shoes we have a range of leather shoes which can be found on our website. We have leather shoes for women under our School/work range, leather shoes for men also under our School/work range and then under the kid’s school shoes range. The sole material on our leather shoes is PU outsole. Polyurethane outsole is a sturdy sole which can endure day by daycare because it is durable.

The other types of our shoes are mostly human-made soles which range from our women’s heels, including block heels, high heels, low heels, mules, our flats range, boots and our men’s dress range, casual range, sandals and finally our kids range including sandals, dress and boots.

What is human made sole?

A human made sole can relate to all different types of soles which are human-made such as PVC, wood and rubber. These types of bottoms are more durable and much lighter than the leather outsoles which can be clunky. Most of Spendless shoes which can be found on the website are human-made and are synthetic not leather however as previously stated we do have a range of shoes that are leather.

How can I tell what kind of sole material my shoe has?

When buying shoes, it is always a good idea to check that what you are buying is what you are after. Usually, you can find out what your shoe is made of by looking on our website Spendless shoes where the description will tell you the material of the shoe. Another way you can also check what the sole material of the footwear is that you can look at the shoe in person.

You do not have to wonder into the shop to see if your shoes you are after. Instead, you can use our find in store locator on our website:

  • First, locate the shoe that you are after and then click the size and colour and then find in the store.

  • Then place your postcode in, and it will bring up all the stores nearest to you where you can then update the selection.

You can visit one of our 220+ stores to check what type of material the shoe is made out of.

The Spendless team is dedicated to helping you find the correct shoe for you who include having the right sole material. If we are unable to answer your questions in this article, you can also use our contact us page where we will be happy to answer any questions you have.