What Is the Difference Between Block Heels And Stilettos?


Can you tell the difference between block heels and stilettos?

While some things are incredibly obvious, some contrasts might never have occurred to you. Read on if you’re ready to find out everything you need to know about block heels, stilettos, and what sets each apart from the other!


The base is the starkest difference


The defining feature of stilettos and block heels are the platforms. Even kitten-high skinny styles have stick-thin points holding them up. In contrast, block heels can have a wide, chunky, or full wedge platform. As you might expect, each of these looks has its strengths and weakness when it comes to both fashion and function. Now, what details can we give you about stilettos and block heels?


In terms of their designs, there can be almost no difference at all! 


If you stop and compare some of our classic cocktail-style stilettos and block heels, you’ll notice that there is a lot of crossover between them. At Wildfire, we make sure to offer the best-loved looks of the season in a few different variations, and that includes ones where only the platform has gotten changed. Chances are, if you shop around long enough, the styles that you end up looking at will be available as both block heels and slender stilettos. As such, no one misses out on the season’s latest and most fabulous designs.


Block heels have open backs sometimes 


The closest thing that you’ll get to this with stilettos would be our pumps or slip-on styles. However, only block heels (like mules) have their backs uncovered. An exposed back makes your ankles appear elongated, which creates a flattering aesthetic. Also, the ease of wear is a definite bonus, as you can slip them on or off at your leisure. Like classic summer thongs or slides, this convenience always adds to your enjoyment and experience with your shoes. Plus, your feet will stay cool on sunny days since they won't get hot under a surplus of straps. Mule-style block heels can also save you from embarrassing strap-shaped tan lines!


Block heels bring better support and comfort 


Regardless of how high or not your pair is, stilettos are always going to fall short in this department. The tiny points can’t compete with the steady and pressure-absorbent nature of block heels. Outdoor parties and long events are easy to see through to the end with a set of our broadest styles on your feet.


Stilettos look great with lightweight materials


If you’re searching for a reason to stick with skinny styles instead of opting for block heels, then this is probably the best one! Cocktail styles continue to be the favoured pick at weddings, functions, and formal parties because they pair so prettily with silk, satin, and other floaty materials. Block heels, even the thinnest ones, can seem clunky underneath airy skirts, dress and pants in comparison. So, you can either compensate for the added weight by getting natural, light, or white block heels, or by choosing slender platforms instead.


Slim designs also feel more formal


Since they’re the go-to for most dressy occasions, it should be no surprise that stilettos set the bar for sophistication. Our short sling-back styles and mid-high pumps are a staple in formal offices, where tall block heels may seem too casual. Anyone hunting for a new go-to for their work should consider kitten-high designs over our thicker ones this season, especially since some cute trends are coming in for summer.


We hope this has been helpful! 


Do you still need to know what else sets block heels apart from stilettos? Visit Wildfire and see!