What kind of Shoes to wear with jeans for men?

More and more, the no-jeans rule is disappearing from restaurants, offices, and other formal settings. Jeans are IN. So, here’s our quick guide to the dos and don’ts! What kind of shoes are the best to wear with jeans for men?

Formal Occasions

Let’s start with formal occasions. Just picture it— that big, scary, urgent dinner with your/your partner’s/the boss’ family. You don’t want to be that one lonely guy dressed up in a suit, but you’re pretty sure you don’t want to be caught in shorts and a t-shirt either. Dress shoes and jeans make for a stylish fit. You’re dressing down just enough to present yourself as relaxed and confident, but not informal enough to come across as sloppy. And while you’re going to want to be sure your favourite jeans haven’t got holes in them, it is the shoes that are going pull of this look. Make sure you can see them for one thing. In this case, baggy jeans are not going to be an option!

Our pick for the best dress shoe to go with men’s jeans is the Cambridge. A men’s shoe in tan is a revolution in of itself against the regular, black leather, formal footwear. But this one still maintains that sophisticated look and feel. These paired with dark jeans would make a bold statement. But if you can’t pass up the high shine of black formal shoes, Mod might just be for you. It’s a lace up shoe for easy adjustment, and we all know black goes with everything.

These two shoes are bound to bump up your outfit status to either smart-casual or relaxed-formal. Of course, if you’re still worried you might be dressed too casually, you can always grab a blazer or another kind of suit jacket to match your shoes. On the flip side, if the coat completing your ensemble is a little too much, just sling it over your chair for the night! You can always take it off.

Casual Occasions

Now, how about the casual jeans wearer? Classic trainers and a pair of ripped blue jeans are essential for this season. Skate shoes like our Miller2 are going to have you looking smooth in your best skinny jeans or your oldest baggy jeans. Just don’t forget hi-tops are making a comeback either! Shoes like Curve are all the rage when it comes to street style, especially in all white.

As for the owner of the baggy jeans (the gentlemen who can’t quite bring himself to wear his track pants doing jobs in the yard or the shed), your best match is going to be the Hopkins. Your dad has probably been wearing something that looks like this for years, and you’ve been sliding into them to borrow a minute for just as long. It comes in white, it comes in tan, and it comes in black. It’s easy to slip on and off as you march in and out of the house (or near the carpet), and is more than ready to handle a bit of punishment.

Don’t stress yourself over the right pair of shoes with your best jeans. If you want the look without breaking the bank to do it, then Spend-less Shoes has the footwear for you. It has never been easier just to come and see!