What Makes A Good Formal Shoe?

So what does make for good formal shoes? Great question! Automatically you are probably thinking women's formal shoes need to be heels. Well, that's not necessarily the case. For many of you, we've probably caught your attention! 


So read on. We will show you how you can wear flats and heels with numerous outfits that will make perfect formal shoes on high rotation to keep you going through your busy events season. 


Dress Heels


Let's start with the classic dress heels that are a perfect example of formal shoes. Dress heels usually come in a higher heel in various styles, including slip-on styles, buckle up, or wrap-up styles in either block, stiletto, or cake stand heel shapes. You will be able to dress up any outfit by just swapping out your heels, and most definitely, your dress heels will do this. This dressy footwear staple will turn any outfit into something fit for a party. 


Take your look from day to night by just adding a dress heel. Whether you are wearing slim fit dress pants, your favourite jeans or a new dress, these heels will help make your outfit a statement and will take your look from casual to dressy in no time! 


So don't be afraid to take these formal shoes into the office either. If you work in a more corporate and dressy workplace, our dress heels are perfect for work. These styles look fantastic when paired with smart dress pants and skirts and flowy blouses, and tailored blazers. Dress up your everyday work attire with some dress heels; find the perfect pair for work with a chic ankle strap design that will secure your stance throughout the day.


Or if you find yourself wearing a lot of blacks, why not add a pop of colour with your heels? This is a great way to add fun and colour into a little black dress number. The options are endless for dressing heels, and they are the most popular formal shoes amongst women. 


Slingback Flats 


At Wildfire, our slingback flats truly are classy formal shoes. Although not heeled, our sleek, chic flats are as sophisticated as formal shoes come! 


Our slingback flats come in a pointed toe style, so this design really can be worn for whatever occasion, whether work or social events. These formal shoes are the perfect accompaniment. The true beauty behind these flats is its versatility. Seamlessly team these flats with slim-fitting cropped pants and a fitted tucked in tee or embellished shouldered tank for a casual yet sophisticated everyday look.


 Or take these babies to work and team it with your slim-fitting work pants and favourite shirts and blouses for the ultimate trendy work attire. But these slingbacks aren't limited to pants only. These flats look fantastic with straight skirts, jeans and wide-leg pants too. Like dress heels, these formal shoes can be taken from work to the weekend to social attire in no time. 


Who said that formal shoes must be heels? So take a stance and embrace the flat-soled goodness and walk in complete comfort in our slingback flats. 


Throw the rulebooks aside when it comes to formal footwear. Flats shouldn't be considered as a more casual style footwear staple. We have just shown you a handful of outfit ideas incorporating slingback flats, so do yourself a favour and give these formal shoes a try! 




Although considered a more summer style, wedges can also be worn as formal shoes. How, you may ask? Well, we are going to show you just how you can do that this season! 


Like dress heels, wedges can be worked into any outfit and instantly dress up an outfit that you may deem casual. This versatile heel will dress up your jeans, skirts, dresses and flowy-legged pants.  Buckle- up or wrap-up styles, you will love how you can incorporate wedges into any outfit and occasion. 


The platform heels will add extra height and will, in turn, automatically dress up any outfit. The great thing about this footwear is the stability they offer in terms of comfort and versatility.


A bonus to this footwear staple is its comfortable design. Unlike dress heels, you skip the discomfort and spend the entire day in complete comfort and stability.


From dressy wrap-up styles to casual flatform styles, wedges are a style that belongs in every woman's wardrobe. We hope we've made you take a second glance at those wedges and consider them as your next pair of formal shoes.




Getting something more comfortable has never been easier with a pair of mules! 


Essentially a pair of slip-on heels, these formal shoes look super stylish on any woman's foot and are an excellent option for casual to semi-formal events. The great thing about these heels is that they come in so many styles and designs. You will be sure to find the formal shoes you have been searching for! Delicate strappy details, thicker statement feet straps, block or stiletto heel styles and everything in between, you will be hard-pressed to find a more versatile heel than this!


The strap across the front adds excellent support and the effortless slip-on style makes them perfect for work, weekends and events. Whether you are opting to wear these formal shoes with jeans, dress pants, skirts or dresses, we guarantee you will never want to take your mules off. 


Whether going to the office or perhaps off on a date, these heels are worth every step! You can't go past a pair of Wildfire's mules; we guarantee you have found your next pair of formal shoes. 


So what makes for good formal shoes? Well, the answer is whatever you consider formal shoes. Wildfire's range of flats and heels are super versatile that can be worn; however, you imagine. Whether it's to the office, a Saturday night out or a special family dinner, we have the perfect formal shoes just waiting for you. 

Go ahead and hit add to bag on those formal shoes you've been eyeing off!