What Makes a Good Wedding Shoe?

Do you want to know what makes wedding shoes phenomenal?

Only you can know which sort of wedding shoes will work the best, but Wildfire has three crucial things for you to remember below:


1) Comfort should be paramount!


In this day and age, there are no excuses for buying styles that cause you pain. Wildfire has so many different heights and designs of wedding shoes available, which means procuring something that will keep you comfortable is straightforward and simple. Whether you can handle the world’s highest stilettos with ease, or desperately need a pair of flats if you have to stand for more than an hour, Wildfire’s wedding shoes can accommodate you! 


Depending on how long (or short) the set-up, vows, reception, or afterparty are expected to run, your ideal wedding shoes may look entirely different. Once again, this will depend on how confident you feel in elevated styles and how long your feet and legs can stand on a steep incline. The best way to stay comfy in your wedding shoes for hours and hours is to plan and pick a design that you trust. 


2)  Stability and support are critical 


So, if you’re going outdoors, then get yourself thick heels or comfy flats. After all, nothing runs a special day quite like snapping off your stilettos. Lawns, loose gravel, sand, uneven ground, and even decks can spell disaster for skinny-heeled wedding shoes. If the Big Day is getting hosted rurally or set outdoors, then leave your cocktail heels home. The best wedding shoes for these settings are ones with thick heels for balance or no platform at all! Neither of these styles will be challenging to move around in, so you won't end up being chair-bound for the entirety of the festivities. 


Block heels make stellar wedding shoes because they have the look of a stiletto but a heap of extra support. The thicker base provides a steady platform for you to walk, dance, or stand on, which makes them perfect for a lively after-party. At Wildfire, we recommend mules, self-tie styles, or the kinds with tubular straps for bridesmaids this year. 


Otherwise, flat wedding shoes are your next option. Our crossover sandals have summertime vibes, but they’re an effortless match with most bridal dresses. If you’re not fussed about getting a height lift and the bride and groom won’t mind, then why wouldn’t you get a pair of flat wedding shoes? 


3) Colour is an important aspect too


Support, convenience, and the overall feeling of your wedding shoes is vital, but you also want something that looks good, right? 


Depending on what sort of ceremony that your wedding shoes are walking into, there can be a lot of variations as well. Natural and silver styles are always a welcome sight on the Big Day since they are subtle, classic, and easy to pair with any shade. While black is not a typical shade in this sort of setting, we also have some gorgeous cocktail and block heels that could work as wedding shoes too. 


However, if you like the idea of switching things up and giving your wedding shoes a distinctly contemporary air, then lilac could be the ideal option. These pale purple heels will bring a touch of colour to your feet without going overboard, so there’s no need to worry about your wedding shoes upstaging the rest of your outfit. Beyond that, our pale pink flats could also work like a charm! 


We hope that helps you choose


Dress to impress on the Big Day, and bring out your wild side, with our amazing wedding shoes!