What To Look For In A Pair Of Boots!

Searching For The Perfect Boots?


What should you be looking for in a pair of women’s boots? Wildfire is here with some fabulous tips about our styles and a quick rundown to get you thinking about autumn shoes! Find your ideal match this season by getting shoes with these five must-have features!


1) Versatility


When you buy a pair of women’s boots, be sure that you'll get your fair share of wear out of them. Before you start adding anything into your shopping cart, consider what sort of venues and occasions that you’ll feel content taking your shoes.


At Wildfire, our women’s boots dress up or down as you like. Classically stylish, our shoes make a natural match with an array of different outfits, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth. Whether it’s a coffee date with that special someone or your best friend’s birthday party, our women’s boots will be the pair for the job.


2) Heels


You can never underestimate how much a heel can change the feel of a look. Our women’s boots come with mid-high block heels that will accentuate your legs and ankles. Since elevated styles are considered more formal than flat ones, these women’s boots bring a fashionable feel to your casual wear and complement your favourite formal ensembles as well!


3) Comfort


This should be a given, but any pair of women’s boots that you buy should be comfy from the moment they touch your feet. It’s crucial that your shoes give reliable and steady support so that you feel confident about taking them out wherever you want. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting sore feet out are parties or other events where you want to relax and have fun.


Our women’s boots come with large block heels, and the wider platform helps you keep balanced as you walk. The design should also place less strain and pressure on your legs and ankles, as our women’s boots distribute body weight more evenly than a stiletto heel would.


You can trust our women’s boots to see you from dawn until dusk and back again!


4) Great styling options


Women’s boots in this look are gorgeous, eye-catching, and make a bold statement. If you’re looking for shoes that can lift a look instantly, then our over-the-knee women’s boots are the way to go!


Since our thigh-highs are lovely and long, you can wear your short summer and spring outfits without feeling the child in winter. We love seeing tall women’s boots out on the weekends and at parties under bright floral jumpsuits or pretty printed skirts and dresses.


That’s not to say that wintry wear won’t make a marvellous match with our women’s boots, of course! These pair easily with your skinny jeans or a long coat.


When you buy women’s boots from Wildfire, you have endless possibilities for how you style them!


5) Warmth


Again, this is an essential expectation for any set of women’s boots. While our designs can be trans-seasonal, most ladies will use them during autumn or winter, so you’d hope they can handle wild and windy weather. As tall over-the-knees in a soft faux suede fabric, our styles will keep you toasty from thigh to toe! Forget about bulky leggings or thick stockings to layer up— our women’s boots will let you enjoy a chic silhouette and guard against the elements at the same time!


And there you have it!


We hope our short guide can help you find women’s boots that bring out your wild side. At Wildfire, our shoes will have you looking and feeling amazing in no time. Why wait? Start the search today!