What To Look For In A Pair Of Summer Heels!

It's that time of year again, summertime! Bringing in the warmer weather gets us excited to pull out our fun outfits for beach days, festivals, picnics, long road trips, sunsets, beach bars and everything in between! 


At Wildfire we have this season's hottest summer heels that will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Summer heels don't necessarily mean tall stilettos; our relaxed summertime styles should be reflected in our footwear. So, we're here to help with ways to incorporate summer heels into your wardrobe without pulling out the tall stilettos. 


Your summer heels should reflect your relaxed styles of flowy dresses and skirts, cut off denim shorts and cropped tops. Keep your summer heels low, relaxed, but fun and comfortable! 



  • Colourful Summer Heels 



If you're not one for a colourful wardrobe and find yourself sticking to basics like black, white, beige and grey, why not add some fun colour to your footwear? Instantly elevate your outfit, add a bold pop of colour to your footwear and it will give you some serious summertime vibes! 


What are you waiting for? Be adventurous and add some colour to your wardrobe, lilac, baby blue, lime green, beige or white. 


Nude tones make great summer heels but change it up with a pair of bright pumps to completely transform your look. Adding a pair of colourful footwear is an easy way to buy into a new season trend without going all out.



  • White Hot Sandals



White is the hottest summer heels of the season, perfect for summertime! Make a statement in our range of white pumps. In whatever style you are looking for, casual or dressy, we have the perfect shoes for you! 


Our slip in styles look great when paired with your cool, relaxed summertime outfits, slip into a pair of low block style with thin dainty straps to complete a dressier look. These styles look great with silky slip dresses. Or slip into a block style with a chunky braided strap across the front of your foot for a cool, relaxed look with your favourite pair of ripped jeans. 


Whether you are looking for a slip-on or sandal style, Wildfire has you covered, find the perfect shoe just for you! 



  • Serious Straps



Strappy, heeled sandals are hardly a new footwear trend, but 2021 sees this trend creep up in new territory. These sandals are seen with more intricate strapping over and across the foot, and some securing at the ankle. These strappy styles will look sophisticated and elegant on your feet and look fabulous with your best dresses.


Wildfire's range of strappy styles come in a range of heel shapes like a modern cake stand, block or low stilettos, the intricate detailing of the straps wrap up your feet in all the right places. Barely-there styles with minimal straps seem effortless and carefree, or straps with knotted cords through your big and middle toe gives off a slightly edgy touch. 


Whatever strappy style you're looking for, Wildfire has the perfect strappy summer heels for you. So, either way, these are going on the shopping list! 



  • Square Toes



Square toes, the 90s inspired she trend is booming at the moment. The trend is back, and it is gorgeous, these styles are minimal, delicate and often sporting no more than one or two straps and bells and whistles and we hope they're here to stay! 


The standard round toe sandal styles are becoming tired and old, it's time to try something new, these are a must-have for your summer heels collection. 


Our range of square toe heeled sandals is the perfect addition to your wardrobe, instantly dress up your outfit. The square toes will add some edge to your outfit. This quirky little finish to a simple shoe is genius. This finish to traditional sandal pumps is equally modern and 90s, so what's not to love? 90s key pieces are being reinvented, and we are here for it! 


These summer heels are a growing favourite. Fortunately, you can pick up a pair in a range of colours, styles and at a reasonable price at Wildfire



  • Thong Styles



Following through with the 90s throwbacks, we bring you the thong sandal. No, not your Havana beach thongs, but strappy thong heeled cake stand styles.


These are a great addition to your summertime wardrobes; this is a modern, dressier take on the old platform thongs that you used to rock in your early teens! The slender low stilettos give these shoes a sophisticated elevated look. The thin, slender straps coming together to form a knot between your big and middle toe are modern and chic. 


Dress down or up, these summer heels are a great staple that you will keep on repeat all season long! 



  • Fun Summer Heels Styles



Summer heels should be free and fun to take you from day to night effortlessly without discomfort. Your summer heels should make a statement, and a great way to do this is with fun shapes and styles. 

Stray away from high platforms and stiletto designs and try something ultra-modern and fun like a cake stand, low stiletto, kitten or block shapes. It's all about sharp, bold shapes this season, so why not have some fun and have a play around? 

Height also plays a huge part in this season's hot trend, forget the sky-high stilettos and opt for a low-heeled style. Be super comfy this season in your summer heels and Wildfire is here to help you transition into a funky low style!


Whatever your style, Wildfire has the perfect summer heels for you! 


This season is all about combining colours, shapes, straps and heights. The 90s revival trend just won't quit and is back for good it seems, so embrace the throwback styles and relive your teenage shoe dreams.


Upgrade your shoe wardrobe and get ready for some serious shoe envy with Wildfire's collection of summer heels!