What to Look for in a Wedding Shoe?

Brides consider their big day as one of the most memorable moments of their lives. There is pressure to ensure everything goes smoothly, from food, venue, souvenirs, and décor. But one should never forget the bride and groom and how they looked and felt that day. As brides, you must feel good, as it will show, so ensure you find the best pair of wedding shoes. For now, forget about the other things on your to-do list and focus on your footwear. Have you considered what kind of wedding shoes to get? 

Let Wildfire make it easier for you. We don't want more stress and worries for our lovely bride, so we're here to help where we can contribute best. Wildfire wedding shoes have graced the feet of countless brides, cementing their supremacy. There's nothing like gorgeous and cosy footwear to complete your look. Wedding shoes must be comfy because you will wear them for hours. Everyone will remember your momentous walk down the aisle, so you must do it beautifully and gracefully.

To help you discover the various things to look for in a pair of wedding shoes, our Wildfire team made a list. This way, you can refer to it repeatedly. With so many things still on your agenda, it helps to find reliable brand experts in the area. Without further ado, let's start!


Tip 1—Consider the Location


You might be raising your eyebrows at this, but location is essential when looking for the correct wedding shoes. Is the footwear style appropriate for where you are getting married? For instance, there are better times to choose stiletto heels than a beach or garden location because the thin, narrow bases will get stuck. Wear wedding shoes with narrow bases indoors and choose block heels for outdoor locations as a safe rule to live by.

Why are Wildfire block heels the best choice for the outdoors?

The broad bases of these bridal heels will give you the stability to walk on sand, soil, or pavement cracks without getting stuck. And because this option distributes weight evenly, you will not feel any pressure on your feet, legs, or lower back, enabling you to enjoy your special day. Block-heeled wedding shoes ensure you can spend countless hours mingling, standing, dancing, and walking at your wedding party!

Wildfire's limited-edition block heels will make any bride fall in love with them. Cassia is a stunning option for your wedding shoes. It has an adjustable ankle strap that will secure the footwear on you as you dance the night away. And the highlight of these wedding shoes is the sparkling diamante-covered toe straps woven together to create a unique design on your toes. Isn't Cassia a beaut?


Tip 2—Decide on Your Shoe Goal


You must ask yourself what purpose your wedding shoes will serve. Do you want them to make a statement or be more conservative? Will your wedding shoes match your partner's? Are you prioritising style or comfort more?

For the third question, the answer is easy. Never sacrifice comfort or style for your wedding shoes. Besides, you won't worry about anything because Wildfire combines both seamlessly. The brand ensures all its brides will reminisce about their wedding day and remember their excellent experience wearing the best wedding shoes.

So, if you've decided to make your footwear the highlight of your look, choose a dazzling, timeless style that you can wear to other events after your big day. Wouldn't it be nice to find other uses for your wedding shoes? Wearing them afterwards will always remind you of when you first wore the beautiful footwear.

The Wildfire bridal and evening heels collection has some of the best options, whether you like a statement or conservative style for your wedding shoes. For instance, Astonish will blow your guests away. These wedding shoes are soft on your feet with their gorgeous silky material. But the feature that will impress everyone, including you, is the oversized bow detail sitting on a signature top strap. Be sure to take lots of photos exposing that bow!


Tip 3—Check the Weather


Like the venue, the weather on your big day can affect everything, including your wedding shoes. What if you wanted an open-toed option, but the forecast says the rain chances are high? You wouldn't like to get your dainty toes wet and icky on your big day! But if the weather report states it will be bright and sunny, you can start poring over Wildfire's various open-toe heels.

The brand's heel collection has options for those who want a significant height increase. Standing at 7.5cm and taller, the height of the wedding shoes can be intimidating if you are not used to wearing them. You can always consider a pair of platform heels if you want to be tall and comfortable at the same time. However, choose your wedding shoes from the brand's low-heeled collection if you prefer to be closer to the ground.

Verve from Wildfire's striking platform heel collection will make you feel like you're walking on clouds. These limited-edition open-toe wedding shoes will keep you steady and safe with a 10cm block heel and a 3cm platform sole. The thin buckled ankle strap will ensure the footwear stays in place, while the thick top strap and enclosed back boost protection and style.


Tip 4—Shop at Wildfire


Where wedding shoes are concerned, the best tip you can get is to shop at Wildfire. You never have to choose between comfort and style, as the brand combines both. Whether you want to follow tradition and wear white wedding shoes on your big day or decide to be unconventional and wear other colours besides white, Wildfire has everything you need. And the best part is, you don't have to break the bank for them. Wildfire wedding shoes are affordable, leaving you with a budget for other expenses for the big day!

Wildfire offers the perfect pair of beautiful shoes for a modern bride like you to complement your wedding gown. Our shoes are designed to provide all-day comfort and will ensure you feel comfortable on the dance floor with your groom or just hanging out with your wedding guests. Ordering your bridal shoes online is a great way to simplify shoe shopping.

When you're shoe shopping for your wedding shoes, ask your bridesmaids to accompany you in your search for the ideal bridesmaid shoes to compliment their dresses.


Choose the Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes at Wildfire for Your Big Day!


Head to the nearest Wildfire retailer or online store and grab your wedding shoes now! Do it early so you have time to practice and break them in.