What to Look for in Stylish Shoes for Formal Events

Have you been invited to a special occasion? Or are you starting a new job that requires footwear for formal events?


Either way, you must present yourself and leave a lasting impression. Of course, choosing a pair of stylish footwear will add to that impression. But, like any other person in your place, it's typical to be clueless about what to choose. 


Formal shoes are not the "one size fits all" kind; they're a broad category with many factors involved. 


We're not trying to overwhelm you with all these; it's just how it is. The good thing is we are not leaving you to find stylish footwear alone. 


We're bringing reinforcements to ensure you build an image that people remember, especially since footwear is the first thing people will notice about you.


Our team at Wildfire is here to give you a rundown of everything you need to know about finding a stylish pair that you can use many times over. So if you're ready to start, let's begin!


1. The correct fit


What good is stylish footwear when it does not fit you correctly? While you can impress people with how stylish your footwear is, they'll notice that you can't walk in them properly. 


They'll brand you as the lady who looked pained in her footwear. And that, our friend, will be what they'll remember about you. 


So, let's avoid that, shall we? 


Getting the right size requires taking measurements or visiting the store in the afternoon. You've been on your feet all day, standing, walking, and running around, and now your feet are swollen. 


It explains why they fit well when you buy footwear in the morning but become tight during the day. So when trying the footwear on, try to get a feel. You don't want your formal shoes to keep rubbing your skin unnecessarily because it can lead to blisters.


2. The height you can manage


 Let's tackle the elephant in the room: the debate on choosing flats or heels. It depends on you and what you can tolerate for hours. Most Wildfire's flats can pass office dress code requirements and have graced special events. 


Likewise, Wildfire heels are a popular choice for work functions and parties.


The first thing to check is the dress code. Sometimes, the invitations explicitly say what they expect you to wear. 


For instance, black-tie events usually require heels for shoes. On the other hand, some workplaces prefer a bit of height, which is not a problem withWildfire'slow-heel collection.


Low heels are the middle ground between flats and high heels. They stand at 2.5-5cm. The typical formal shoes from this group have kitten heels, which are the most famous. 


To avoid discomfort in your feet, legs, and lower back from heels higher than 7 cm., we advise opting for a pair of formal shoes with a block heel. But, naturally, it would help if you never compromise your health for style.


3. Explore colours


The most common choice of colour for shoes is black. This is because it's the most versatile and easiest to match with any outfit you plan to wear. In addition, investing in this footwear ensures you will never have a problem in the future. 


Besides, black exudes power and boosts confidence, which we think are traits you want to embody when going to an event or to work.


However, do not limit yourself to black because other colours make great shoes, too. When making your footwear the accent piece of your outfit, it's good to choose a colour that will get everyone's attention, like red. 


The pop of colour adds more creativity to the vibe. However, you can also consider wearing patterned or printed shoes for more character. When you wear footwear with colour or print, choose neutral dresses or pantsuits to avoid drawing attention away from your footwear.


4. Various styles


The styles of shoes available at Wildfire serve class and sophistication. Let's tackle a few from various heights to get an overview of the endless possibilities. Loafers are an ideal kind of shoe for work because they exude minimalist elegance. 


Wildfire has a chunky-soled loafer that boosts your height and a rounded-toe design that maintains comfort throughout. In addition, the patent leather of these shoes will make you stand out in the workplace. 


These loafers are ideal for finding footwear that combines fashion and function. 


The low heels at Wildfire are mostly strappy sandals. Wearing these heels will make your feet look sexy. You can go for shoes with ankle straps so that they remain fastened to your feet. 


For instance, a gorgeous self-tie strappy pair wraps around your ankles. But, of course, your comfort will always be a top priority, so tighten or loosen the straps as needed.


And since it's again the season for a special occasion (a wedding or an awards ceremony) requiring high heels, we picked the block-heeled shoes ideal for the event. So stun everyone by wearing this green online exclusive block heel with gorgeous silky material. 


This excellent footwear has a top strap, an oversized bow detail, and a buckled ankle strap for an adjustable fit. So dance and mingle the night away, knowing that you will remain pain-free as you do!


5. Always prioritise your comfort 


Comfort should always be your top priority. Confidence remains the best attire you can wear to any event or place. Choose which shoes give you that, and you'll win. 


And if you need to wearhigh heels, you can always set aside time to break them in and practise walking in them. Wearing high-heeled shoes is like riding a bike; always look where you're going, never at the floor.


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