What to look for in the perfect school shoes for your kids?

Buying the perfect pair of school shoes for your kids is always the biggest back-to-school challenge. There is nothing worse than spending a ridiculous amount on school shoes only to find that two months later your child is nagging you with 'MUUUMM', They are too small’. It is no secret that the start of the term can be a costly exercise, with new school footwear, uniforms, stationery and books, it can be a trying time on the bank account. We often find ourselves scraping the bottom of the piggy bank so our children don’t miss out on the essential trends at the start of the school year. With our price-friendly range of Footwear, not only will your child be happy, but your bank account will be too.

These days, schools have many rules and requirements in regards to Kids Footwear. Lace or Velcro? Black or Brown? White or Coloured Sneaker? Well, with our wide range, you will be sure to find the perfect pair that is best suited for your child.

It is important that your child to be comfortable in their Footwear, after all, these will see them through 5/7 days of the week. You have to be sure not to fall into the trap of buying a shoe that is way too big for your child; this can cause clumsiness and lead to injury. With buying the right school shoes, you need to ensure that you have the correct socks for your child’s foot as well. Why not just leave it to us to professionally fit the perfect school shoe to your child’s precious feet.

Quality Range

Not only is the comfort and fit of the shoe important for your child, so is the durability. This special pair will brave the bitumen, dig through the sand pit, swing on the monkey pars, kick the footy and run through the bark. Our shoes have braved these conditions, so you will be sure that they will survive the school environment and take care of your child. However, to care for scuffs and other incidentals, be sure to purchase some of our shoe polish in store to try and savor those shoes for a few more weeks until the term finishes.

School years is when children go through growth spurts, which means that, on average, school shoes need to be purchased once or twice a school term. They grow out of their school shoes quicker than you can blink, which is why our vast range of price-friendly school shoes will give you value for money and ensure that your child is comfortable in a pair of durable shoes throughout the school year.

Why not leave it to us and give us a visit in store to get the perfect school shoe fitted for the upcoming year. Or visit our online store, Spendless Shoes have a wide range of School Shoes