Which Heels Are A Good Choice For School Formals?


Are you looking for a fabulous pair of formal shoes?

Your first sophisticated school events are meant to be memorable, and we want you to find something perfect for them. So, we thought we’d give you an overview of all the Wildfire styles that we recommend for different customers and why! Read on to get all of the details; we’ll find the best formal shoes for you in no time!


Keep the dress code in mind


One downside to school-hosted events is the presence of teachers since part of their job is enforcing the school dress code. Unfair as it seems, students are still expected to follow the rules and wear formal shoes that meet specific requirements. It may be different for you, but the main two features to watch for would be enclosed toes and stiletto heels. Styles with exposed toes and skinny sky-high platforms get picked on the most for safety reasons. So, if you suspect that there are any formal shoes you won’t be allowed to wear, then make sure you double-check and figure out what they are. You’ll save yourself time, disappointment, and money if you ask first and shop later, trust us!


Now, how experienced are you with heeled formal shoes? 


A lot of young adults get familiar with wearing heels at their first school dances, proms, and socials. If you don’t know what to expect from different styles, you can get a nasty surprise on the night if you choose formal shoes that you aren’t ready to wear. As tempting as it is to go hard and grab the tallest, most eye-catching stilettos that you can, you don’t want to sabotage yourself.


Remember— you’re supposed to be having fun! 


In the end, the type of formal shoes that you choose matters way less than your experience with them. You can pick the cutest heels in the world, but if your feet are so sore that you spend the whole time sitting down instead of dancing and enjoying yourself, then it’s all for naught. Your formal shoes should elevate your time out, not keep you stuck on the sidelines! If you do feel confident in steeply-heeled formal shoes, then go for it! Otherwise:


Get short and skinny heels 


Who says that your pair has to be super high? Our vintage kitten heels are a cute pick for formal shoes. Despite their retro sling-back features, these have been massively popular over the last year, so they’re a trendy pick from the start. However, formal shoes like these are the sort that you’ll be able to take out and wear again to another special occasion. Plus, the short base means that you’ll have no trouble moving around or spending a night dancing in these sling-back formal shoes!


Choose block-heeled formal shoes 


Wildfire’s wide heels and platforms come in all sorts of heights, so your ideal formal shoes won’t be hard to find. Our faux suede and pointy-toed designs are a cute pick, particularly if you need to keep your toes covered. But, if you’re allowed formal shoes with peep-toes, then our self-tie styles will work well too! These come with elegant bands that crisscross up to your calves, and they’re a gorgeous finishing touch to any outfit.


Finally, there are our flatforms


Flatform sandals are summery formal shoes and a trendy pick this season. Instead of putting your feet onto an incline, these platforms stay flat, so you get a height boost without pain or strain.


Have a look at all of your options online now!


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