Which Heels Are Appropriate For Work?


The sort of heels that will be appropriate to your workplace depends on a few factors. These include the setting they should fit, the dress codes you follow, and how active you are during the day. Thankfully, Wildfire is more than prepared to offer heels to customers of all needs. Whether you desire a pair that brings the function or the aesthetic to the forefront, our shelves will have a collection that appeals to you! Wildfire shoes are fashionable, affordable, and (best of all) diverse in style, which means we have something for everyone! Let us help you to discover your dream work heels today! All you need to do is keep reading! 


Here are the basic rules that you should remember:


Heels divide into several different categories, but the chief difference between a fashionable design and a functional one is the size and shape of the platform. Stylish stilettos look elegant and graceful, but they make it challenging to walk outdoors and on uneven surfaces. Alternatively, functional heels with short or wide bases feel more casual and afford greater ease of wear. So, which design has the most appealing form for which sort of worker?


What types of heels deal the best with a hectic nine-to-five?


If your job is fast-paced and full of transit from place to place, then we have to recommend our block-based styles. These come in a variety of height options, but the width of the heels is the fundamental factor that allows for better movement and endurance throughout the day. A broader base will reduce the strain placed onto your feet and distribute your body weight more evenly than stick-thin heels would. As such, these are the popular choice for workers who are continuously on-the-go or up on their feet.


At Wildfire, we recommend mules, pointy-toed block heels, and our minimal styles. 


Mule shoes are mid-high, trendy, and feature see-through straps. Minimalist designs are fitting for ultra-formal settings and pair flawlessly with formal attire. Finally, if your office has a dress code prohibiting open-toed styles, then the pointy-toes on our faux suede block heels makes them a favourite pick.


What sort of heels can women in the office wear?


When the majority of your day is spent sitting behind a desk, there is no need to limit yourself to more function-orientated designs. Ladies who spend their nine-to-five day on their feet need extra support and stability. On the other hand, women who spend their day seated behind a desk can take advantage of their environment and choose fashion-orientated heels. You can get away with spending the day in towering or skinny heels to work without negative consequences. Not only can these high-tier styles help ladies feel a boost in height and confidence, but they can appeal to the formal setting too! Our dressiest cocktail and block heels complement formal corporate clothing effortlessly and make them appear even more professional.


Our recommended stilettos heels include sling-back looks, pumps, and cocktail styles 


Sling-back shoes are the shortest option and provide a trendy (but practical) aesthetic. Pumps are the perfect pick for working women and never look out of place in an office. Finally, if you’re free to leave your toes uncovered, then our cocktail heels could be a cute look in the workplace too!


If you want to find the best style from Wildfire, then you’ll have to see our range for yourself!


There are so many heels to choose from in our collection, so why wouldn’t you have a browse? We’ve got shoes that can fit any profession, so find your perfect pair from us today!