Which Heels Should You Be Wearing This Season? Find Out Here!

The Hottest High Heel Trends 


As much as we love the slim and elegant look of stilettos, we can probably all admit that they’re not always the most appropriate shoes if you need to wear them outdoors or for substantial lengths of time. Block heels are your must-have pair for formal and casual affairs alike in 2019. So, we’re going to help you get onboard today by providing a little overview of the best block heels we have at Wildfire. Let’s get started!


Strapped block heels


One look we adore at Wildfire that has carried over from last year are strappy styles. These sweet faux suede block heels are the go-to look with party dresses and playsuits, but we’ve seen plenty of other exciting combinations with casual denim clothes too.


At Wildfire, we give the option of block heels with self-tie straps or buckled ones. Buckled fastenings are an ideal choice for ladies who love the crisscrossing look but either don’t have the time or trust themselves to lace them the way they will like. Self-tying block heels, however, you can customise the fit and feel as you want, whether that means gathering them at the ankle or stretching further up the calves.


Either way, these strappy block heels are a statement pair that you will love having in your collection!


Beautifully structured boots


Once the weather starts to cool down, we’ll begin to enter the prime time for shopping and selecting the best boot-style block heels. While ribbed ankle boots and taller styles are versatile year-round shoes, autumn and winter are still the top times to wear them. Unless, of course, you happen to desire some extra cover and protection on a night out with the girls, at a music festival, or something similar. Cut-out booties with block heels that can dress up or down as you need them to, so the right pair could go from work to weekend as easy as anything.


Stay on point


Pointy-toed block heels are some of our favourites. These shapely shoes give your feet a slimmed-down look and are a fashionable twist on more classic designs. In particular, we love block heels with closed toes as a type to wear in the office or similar workplaces. They’re elegant, feel professional, and should keep in line with any strict dress codes or restrictions.


Dress things up


For formal occasions, the block heels we like best are our cocktail styles and open design. With their single bands across the toes and around the ankles, they should make a simple and complementary pairing up against bright colours, patterns or prints, and all of your best formal attire. While they do have a thicker base than a stiletto, these block heels won’t feel bulky under dresses or skirts, which is a real bonus.


Go for the full-base look


Let’s finish this list off in style with some of our espadrilles! Yes, technically these block heels are wedges, but since they’re super trendy and ridiculously comfortable, we’re going to stretch the rules a little to allow them in here. With big and beautiful bases, these block heels are easy to walk around on whether you are indoors or outside. The platform sneaks in a few extra centimetres to help you stand taller and more confidently, while also keeping the incline relatively low.


Which style will you pick?


For a look at all of the block heels available at Wildfire, visit our online store! We have descriptive information, great imagery, and sizing details so that you can instantly find your best fit. Block heels are a non-negotiable pair in every woman’s collection in 2019, so it’s the perfect time to get a couple that brings out your wild side!