Which High Heel Style is for You?

Choosing to wear high heels is a commitment that requires a lot of preparation. Research, practice, and proper care come into play once you opt for high heels. You can start by listing your non-negotiables, like comfort and stability.


With Wildfire's affordable prices, you can treat yourself to a new incarnation of your best-loved shoes without guilt! Have a look at the Wildfire collection today! Our slender and stylish stilettos and strappy heels are an excellent choice! Also, Wildfire has a variety of skinny high heels that will make your formal attire look great!


Whether you're looking for block heels, pointed pumps, or heeled boots, we've got you covered with our women's selection of high heels. But, of course, wearing stunning high heels is only worth it if you can walk steadily. 


Wildfire has various women's high or low heels, like block heels, mid heels, square-toe heels, stiletto heels, court heels, peep-toe or open-toe heels, heel mules, kitten heels, platform heels, and even platform shoes. 


All of these high heels for women, or heels for women, put your best foot forwards. So, no matter what occasion you need your new pair for, where, when, and how often you want to wear them, Wildfire has high heels that will fit the bill!


From delicate straps and stiletto heels to more casual styles with comfortable wide straps and block heels, you will indeed find the perfect match for your next formal event or special occasion.


Frequently wearing shoes taller than 7.5 cm can harm your health and traumatise your knee joints and ligaments. Your back and hips may also hurt. 


Allow yourself to adapt steadily to that heel height and work up to sexy stilettos and tapered heels. Then, take your style to new heights with platform peep-toes and classic court shoes. Slim, strappy high heels are timeless shoes that add sophistication to your going-out dress. And then practise.


The team at Wildfire breaks down what you need to know about footwear and which type fits you best. Wedges are an excellent choice for outdoor activities during the warmer months. Like in Australia, most women go to catch up with friends over a coffee or meet that special someone on the weekend;


How to Buy Your First Pair: A Guide


If this is your first time wearing high heels, we suggest avoiding stilettos.


But unfortunately, not all beautiful things are good for you, and as much as they can make your legs look sexy, the pain is a beast!


1. Choose chunkier high heels (like block heels) for stability. 


Wildfire has a block of chunky high heels that might suit your fancy. They are gentle on your tootsies and minimise the impact of each step by distributing your weight. This relieves lower back pressure and discomfort.


2. Less-pointed high heels are preferred.


While pointed shoes make you look beautiful and put together, they can crush your toes. Instead, go for round or even open ones to give your toes room to spread out, improving your balance.


3. Wear heels that are centred. 


Instead of choosing heels that drop directly from the back of the shoe, find one with a little depth and a centre beneath your heel. This will have a slight inward dip, which provides more support. This design is a source of comfort for footwear.


4. Fasten securely. 


Footwear that keeps coming off can cause agony. Instead, choose ones that strap tightly to your feet but do not overtighten the straps. The straps shouldn't be painful, but they shouldn't be loose enough to allow you to slide around in high heels.


5. Choose platform high heels whenever possible.


Platforms give more height and support because there is a barrier between you and the sidewalk. Choosing these higher heels will give you a retro vibe reminiscent of the '70s. Wildfire has an online exclusive pin-pair on the new arrivals page that might interest you.


These are chunky, have platforms and straps, and almost tick all the boxes we mentioned. Check it out!


Wildfire Styles


Style 1—Strappy


These heels have many fastenings across and are open to the ankle, exposing a lot of skin. Fastenings, including ankle straps, secure your feet in the footwear. This pair is great for fancy events where you want to show off your feet. However, watch for possible toe overhangs or when the foot slips out of the shoe.


Style 2—Mules


High mules are perfect for warm days because they are open, backless, and breathable, which allows moisture to escape. The backs of your ankles won't get rubbed or irritated as much as they would in closed footwear or ones with straps. These are perfect for picnics or long drives. 


Match them with a maxi dress and layer them with a denim jacket when the temperature gets colder.


Practice Makes Perfect 


We've mentioned how critical it is to practise wearing and walking around in these. If you are confident walking in them, even the most beautiful footwear will look better on you.


1. Walk around the house. 


Spend time walking around the house each day wearing your favourite Wildfire heels. Walk on floors such as carpets, marble, stairs, gardens, and pavements. There's a proper way to walk when wearing them.


Touch your heel to the ground first when you walk. Then ensure your balance before moving towards your front end. Posture is critical when wearing this footwear because your centre of gravity changes. 


While all the available high-heeled footwear at Wildfire will make you feel like a star, we suggest adding more sparkle by throwing in a hip shimmy as you walk. This pair is great for fancy events where you want to show off your feet. The size of your stride must be inversely proportional to the shoe height, so the higher they are, the shorter your strides should become. 


2. Do simple exercises.


Think of yourself as an athlete preparing for a competition. Strengthen your leg muscles and joints because they will do a lot of work once you use them.


3. You must break in your footwear.


Break in your high-heeled shoes to avoid blisters. We learned from the last time we got blisters that we should carry extra bandages in our purses. So it's good to have some in yours too! Block heels distribute your body weight evenly through your legs, preventing strain and fatigue. 


Low Heels: Along with the glamorous range of high-heeled footwear, we have low-heeled ones to add sophistication to your not-so-formal attire. These subtle and beautiful details can give any outfit a more fashionable and classy feel. But, of course, they go well with casual clothes too! You can break them in while practising around the house.


For example, put on thick socks while walking to stretch your high-heeled pair and shape them to your desired fit. Have you heard of the blow dryer trick? Blowers are known to help stretch out particularly tight pairs. 


In conclusion


Women choose the right heels based on the event, the outfit, how comfortable they are, and their preferences. There are several types of toes, including stilettos, block heels, mid-heels, kitten heels, court heels, peep toes, wedges, heeled boots, and more. 


It is important to consider the height, the toe's shape, and the shoe's material. The proper footwear can make a woman feel confident and add height to her look. It is essential to know your shoe size. It is also important to walk in them.


Put your best foot forwards by wearing them for all occasions!


Know Yourself to Figure Out Your Style!


So, what are you waiting for? For those who aren't scared of adding a little height to their wardrobe, platform heels will ensure you gain a few stylish inches. So, our versatile range is ideal whether you're looking for something special for a night out or a good staple pair of black or nude heels for your wardrobe.


To narrow down the choices, you should know what you can and cannot do while wearing heels. Look at the different colourful designs at Wildfire and get one ASAP. You need to allow time for practise!


The Wildfire website has high heels that catch your fancy. Investigate which styles you can walk or stand in for over two hours.  


Shop online; our size guide will help you discover your perfect shoe size.


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Checkout now! Enjoy shopping with us.