Why Block Heels Are Better For Your Feet

Do you want to know why more women choose block heels from Wildfire? With so many different heel sandal styles available, why are these the popular picks? 


The main advantage that block heels have over stiletto heels is that they provide you with a broader base to stand on. Having platform heels to balance yourself on makes walking, dancing, and other physical movement feel a lot more natural and easy to do.


Since there’s a bigger surface area to distribute your weight, block heels also prevent muscle strain you can get from skinnier platform heels. We can think of a few other reasons why ladies love these platform heels!


Block Heels Are The Perfect Pick For Wedding Shoes!


Wedding shoes are the ones that we think are the most crucial to get right. For starters, you can count on a lot of photo opportunities and posing on the Big Day, which means you’ll need cosy casual shoes like our block heels to make you feel your best.


Not only will these broad platform heels flatter your feet, but they can also keep you feeling relaxed and smiley for the camera! Most weddings involve a lot of dancing and standing around chatting, so you’ll want block heels that will let you do that comfortably after an already long day of partying.


After all, regular partygoers are likely to be more forgiving if your feet get sore and tired and you decide to discard your stiletto heels. But taking off your wedding shoes might not go down well with other guests (especially ones who don’t know you!).


With cozy block heels on your feet, you can go the distance at the longest weddings! Wildfire has a gorgeous collection of heel sandal styles for you this season, so make sure you check out all your options at our online store.


Do you need an idea of where to start when you look for block heels? We recommend that you apply filters styles by colour! Block heels in white, black leather, black, beige, silver, or gold always look amazing with wedding attire.


Do You Have A Long Event Coming Up In Your Social Calendar?


Since they offer long-lasting comfort, block heels are some of the best heel sandal styles for events that run from the morning to midnight and beyond!


Is one of your friends or family members turning 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, or another significant age?


You’ll need block heels that can last an entire night of dancing, standing, and posing for photos too! You can safely bet that the celebrations will last later than the scheduled time on your invitation, primarily if it’s getting hosted at home (as opposed to at a venue hire that can kick you out!).


The easiest way to keep up with the rest of your cohort is to get block heels that can keep you going for ages! Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be safe from a big night out just because the party is at a hire place. If the venue is in town, then there’s a high chance that the festivities will spill over into the closest pub, bar, or nightclub.


Having block heels that can handle the journey it takes to get to the next place and dealing with sticky floors from food and spilt drinks when you get there is sure to be a bonus.


Do you have a work event, momentous birthday celebration, or some other special occasion coming up that you need to buy casual shoes for this season? If so, we can’t recommend buying block heels enough!


If You Want To, You Also Have The Option To Coordinate With Flats!


Don’t feel obligated to wear block heels all night long at a wedding (or other events)! Packing a spare pair of flats just to be safe never hurt anyone!


Here at Wildfire, many of our best block heels come in similar designs as our flats or have the same features. You can find everything from trendy heel sandal styles with toe-thong strappy heeled and braided top bands to classic heel sandals with slim strappy heeled or broad peep-toe bands.


That means that you’ll be able to coordinate your outfit with block heels and some sneaky flats (if need be).


All you need to do is find a pair of apartments in the same colour as your block heels with the same fun features, and you should be in business! Just keep your flats close by and make the switch if you start getting achy feet or ankles.


Too easy, right? If you’re wearing a floor-length dress or skirt, or long pants that cover parts of your feet, people might not even notice that you’ve swapped your block heels for flats! And even if they do realise, you’ll be too busy enjoying yourself and your comfy casual shoes like comfort block heel to care what they think!


We Also Want You To Know That There’s Nothing Wrong With Picking Stiletto Heels!


Beginners might be better off with block heels, but ladies who spend a lot of time wearing platform heels shouldn’t have trouble in skinnier styles. And if you do need any extra support or cushioning for block heels or stiletto heels, you can take advantage of our shoe care accessories!


We think the ideal casual shoes accessories for these heel sandal styles are gel cushions and half innersoles (which sit under the balls of your feet), as well as gel grips (which protect spots on the back of your feet that are prone to blisters).


Since these are smaller shoe care accessories, you’ll be able to discreetly ear them in your block heels or stiletto heels.


There’s no need to be self-conscious about these support shoe care accessories, but if you are worried about them, then you should know that they’ll be pretty much out of sight when you’re wearing your casual shoes!


Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the cushioned feel and additional comfort whenever you put them in your stiletto heels or block heels!


Who’s Ready To Have A Look?


You’ve got a whole range of heights to choose from when you get block heels from Wildfire. Our gorgeous platform heels come in low, medium, and high styles, so you can pick the pair that works for you the best. So give our collection of block heels a look in 2021!