Why Block Heels Are Our Ultimate Pick!


Do you need help deciding on a new pair of shoes?

Do you need help deciding on a new pair of shoes? Wildfire is here to tell you why block heels should be your next purchase! Not only are they comfortable, supportive, and gorgeous, but our block heels are also fairly-priced and ready to come home! Of course, we know we can’t convince you without offering up a few details. Now, if you’re interested to hear more about block heels, and to learn why they should be in your next shopping cart, then keep reading!


Moving around in these block heels is no trouble


Anyone who’s had an unfortunate experience with their stilettos already knows where this segment is heading. Skinny points sink can into lawns and carpets, disappear between deck gaps, catch on uneven surfaces, and lead to embarrassing face-plants (and tender bruising) when they slip. With block heels, you treat yourself to a full platform and steadier footing! 


Outdoors or indoors, block heels are the shoes to choose!


We especially recommend a set of these if you have a long night ahead of you. Stilettos may look pretty, but they force all your bodyweight onto a single minuscule point and allow pain-causing pressure to pile into your legs, ankles, and feet. Block heels spread your weight more evenly, so you can trust them to maintain long-lasting comfort while you’re out and about. You can mingle, walk, and dance to your heart’s content. Instead of focusing on your shoes, you can focus on having fun! 


You don’t have to get a sky-high style!


Where selecting stilettos tends to leave you with a choice between a toweringly tall or teeny-tiny point, block heels have a bit more leeway. At Wildfire, our designs come in an array of different heights, which means you can choose something suited to your comfort easily. Whether you’re confident or awkward on heeled shoes, our collection of block heels has something that will feel like perfection! And, since the majority of our lower options are near-identical to the taller ones, you don’t have to compromise or miss out on styles either!


What sort of block heels do we have available? 


Block heels can bring some fun to everyday corporate wear, or add an extra fashion element to your formal clothing. Our collection covers dozens of different styles. So, we’re going to keep this short and tell you about a few of our favourites.


Wildfire has enough animal patterns to drive you wild! 


Leopard spots and snakeskin prints abound in our excellent selection of block heels. This year has seen a massive influx of patterned styles, and we’ve updated some of our favourite designs to follow suit. We recommend pairing these with accessories in a matching pattern, as this makes overall ensemble feel more connected and put-together!


Our espadrille wedges will lift your look to new heights


These are a must-have for any woman who wants the latest look in her collection! The braided rope texture on the base of these block heels is an eye-catching addition. Block heels in this version with faux suede ties are the ones that steal the show.


Are platforms on your radar?


Block heels like these have buckled ankle bands, high platforms under the tops of their feet, and cool retro vibes. The extra width under the base means there’s less of an incline for you to balance on, so there’s are extra comfortable, even for block heels!


There are even more waiting on our shelves


If you’re the tiniest bit curious about Wildfire’s other styles, have a browse of our block heels now. Prices are low, shipping is fast, and everything is only a click or two away. Awaken your wild side today!