Why Block Heels Are Perfect For Women Of All Ages!

A Shoe For Every Woman

Block heels are the ultimate match for women of all ages! These lovely shoes are versatile, comfortable, and a worthy addition to any collection in 2019. Read on to learn about the benefits of each style!
The greatest asset of block heels at Wildfire is their excellent all-around comfort.

For years, designers have struggled to perfect the art (and science) of elevated shoes. How can people get the height boost they desire while maintaining ease of wear? One response to this issue was the platform shoe. Adding a flat level on the base of regular block heels gives extra centimetres of lift without raising the incline of shoes or increasing muscle strain.

A popular example from our collection would be espadrille wedges, whose towering bases immediately slim and define leg muscles.

Block heels are also easier to move around in because of their thick bases.

Stilettos can slip, get stuck, or stumble over uneven terrains, but block heels are more user-friendly and supportive.

Block heels also make wonderful work styles.

If your job is based in a professional setting, then there's an excellent chance that flats are unwelcome in the office. And, as beautiful as skinny stilettos are, they can be challenging to spend a day wearing if you are constantly up on your feet or travelling to different destinations.

Alternatively, a gorgeous new pair of block heels are just the thing to take you from nine-to-five and beyond! We have everything from mid-high to lofty styles at Wildfire. Two much-loved picks for corporate wear this season include pointy-toed designs in faux suede and convenient slide-on mules.

If you're headed off to a restaurant or special event straight after your shift, then our block heels will be your ultimate companion! Try something with glitter trim or diamantes on the straps for added sophistication and elegance.

Since we have an abundance of dressy block heels, they are also a popular choice for bridal shoes.

If you need something cosy and comely that your honoured guests and bridesmaids can match up in, then these thick styles are a natural pick! It's usually hard to find a look that can be worn by grandmothers, mums, and younger women on the Big Day, but Wildfire makes it manageable! Ladies of all ages will appreciate the comfort of a solid base, so they can focus on celebrating instead of suffering from sore feet!

Block heels make go-to party shoes as well.

Some of our favourites this year include open-backed semi-translucent block heels and strappy looks with self-tie fastenings. The broader platform on these block heels makes it easy to dance, stand around and chat, and have fun. Whether you're in someone's backyard or hitting up the hottest clubs, Wildfire block heels will work a treat! There's no need to worry about sinking in grass or tripping over glass bits while you party in our shoes.

Our top pick for winter:

As we head towards cold weather, a quintessential set of block heels to get into your wardrobe are our over-the-knee boots. The lift of the platform will shape your legs while the form-fitting material accentuates the effect. Instead of sneaking stocking or tights under party dresses and skirts in winter, try our block heels instead! We recommend contrasting the flat colour of these block heels with a fashionable animal print or patterned outfit in 2019.

Are you ready to add block heels to your repertoire?

Unleash your wild side when you shop at Wildfire! Our fabulous range brings new trends at the best prices. Add block heels into your shopping cart today!