Why Block Heels Should Be In Your Shoe Collection

The Benefits Of Wearing Block Heels 


Why are block heels stealing the show in 2019? Should you add a chunky-based pair to your collection? Read on to find out!


1) They’re comfortable


The chief advantage that block heels have over other tall styles is the fact that they bring height without putting strain on your feet. Where a skinny stiletto point forces all of your body weight onto a single spot, block heels spread the load. If you’re plagued by aching ankles and muscle fatigue every time that you wear high styles, then our block heels will be a great relief!


2) You can get the latest looks of 2019


We’re always updating our selection with fresh features seen dominating runways and top-fashion lines, so the trendiest designs are never far away! This season, one of our contemporary block heels comes with a clear band. This transparent style is ideal at parties and adds an element of intrigue to outfits.


3) They’re an essential choice for formal occasions


Block heels are an obvious pick at any event that goes for more than a few hours, since they have the advantage of long-lasting comfort and support. We love seeing these on bridesmaids at weddings, especially on the maid of honour! If the ceremony is long and involves standing for rages, then our block heels will help ladies endure the event.


And, since they’re a better-balanced style, these shoes will have no trouble taking you onto the dancefloor!


4) They are a must-have in the office


If you’re employed in a formal workplace or have to live up to certain footwear expectations, then our block heels are just the thing! These cosy shoes will be easy to wear at work, no matter what the day brings! Whether you’re chained to your desk for the duration of the day, or constantly up on your feet and moving venues, Wildfire has the block heels to fit.


Besides, our covered styles will be ideal for ladies who can’t have exposed toes on the job. Our pointy-toed block heels come in faux suede and will brighten up any ensemble!


5) Trans-seasonal styles abound!


At Wildfire, our block heels can rule more than one season! Our airy and open shoes might have a summery feel, but they transition effortlessly into your formal wear for during winter too, particularly at indoor venues.


In contrast, our boots could be the outdoor block heels you’ve been wanting!  Boots with block heels are crucial for any woman’s wardrobe because of their extra cover, standout look, and versatile fashion options. Over-the-knee boots are a stunning match with everything from dresses and skirts to your best-loved pair of jeans. Since they’re warm and protective, thigh-high boots are also the natural choice for formal and casual events alike!


6) We have exciting materials


If there’s one thing we have to mention about block heels, it’s all the excellent materials and fabrics that you can choose. Bold red shades are booming this season, given their eye-grabbing effect. However, block heels with animal prints such as leopard spots and snakeskin make for notable contenders!


7) You have your choice of heights


We know that no single height for block heels will satisfy every customer, which is why the range from Wildfire caters to them all. We have towering platforms, majestic mid-highs, and low block heels that can pass for sandals. Whatever your preference, you can start this season off on the right foot with block heels from Wildfire.


Now, let’s get started!


Shop the full collection today for your ideal match. At Wildfire, we’ll always help you to find shoes that bring out your wild side!