Why Block Heels Should Be Your Heel Of Choice!

Stilettos are a gorgeous fashion choice, but nothing beats block heels in terms of functionality. These trusty styles can transition from indoor settings to outdoor venues with utter ease, which means you never have to worry about a fashion catastrophe. In contrast, choosing to wear stilettos to an unknown venue can lead to some precarious situations. Unlike block heels, skinny styles sink into soft surfaces, which can lead to tripping, stumbling, and (occasionally) falling. Even at events hosted indoors, tiny platforms can get snagged in long carpet and make you lose your feet. Without the stability of block heels, slippery tiles, uneven pathways, and all sorts of other hazards become yours to watch. So, why would you tempt fate? 

Block heels are as stylish as stilettos!

Don’t get tricked into wearing skinny pumps because you think that they look more formal or elegant. Here at Wildfire, we offer a huge array of block heels that can offer both a comfortable feel and a trendy look. Take a look at our collection, and you will even notice that many of our broad-based styles come in the same (borderline identical) designs as our stilettos. We have minimalist looks with slender ankle straps and bands across the toes. While some of our newest 2020 block heels are entirely unique, most of our classic cocktail shoes come in a stiletto version as well. 

There are heaps of gorgeous styles available at Wildfire! 

During winter and autumn, we recommend boot-style block heels. 

Some of our most popular designs have soft faux suede material, including our stunning thigh-high designs. Shoes in this style combine the cosiness and warmth of boots with the elegance and glamour of block heels. Not to mention, they can be a bold fashion statement. Our over-the-knee boots always turn heads. Do you want to give your winter ensemble a boost? You should try thigh-high block heels! 

Cocktail styles are a must-have pair for everyone. 

The right pair of formal block heels can last you for years and years because they complement all sorts of different outfits. For a start, most Wildfire designs are either black or natural, which means pairing them with your outfit of choice will be straightforward from the get-go. And, since they act as the finishing touch to your formal outfits (as opposed to the main event), sneaking them from one event to the other is effortless! Don’t wear the same outfit with your block heels twice, remember to change your accessories, and you can take them out until they wear out! 

Our mules are a marvellous option as well!

Are you familiar with Wildfire’s wide range of open-back block heels? If not, then there’s no time like the present! Our mules come with wide horizontal top straps, peep-toes, and a chic backless design. You can slip these block heels onto your feet in seconds when you’re in a rush, so they are a leading favourite with working women. Still, our mules make magnificent shoes for events and get-together too! Our crystalline translucent block heels always turn heads when you put them underneath shimmery dresses or patterned playsuits!  

So, why wait?

Have a browse of our collection of block heels; we know Wildfire has the perfect pair for your collection. If you want a reliable style that will keep you feeling confident and gorgeous, then add some of our broad-based platforms to your shopping cart. Was there something from this article that caught your eye? Well, we have even more block heels on offer! Shop with Wildfire this season, and we can guarantee you the hottest 2020 styles. We promise that you won’t be disappointed by a set of our block heels. Now, get to it!