Why Espadrilles Have Made A Comeback

The Comeback Of Espadrilles! 


Is anyone surprised that espadrilles are back on top? These fabulous platform wedges are a statement style that prioritises comfort, movement, and fashion equally. So, let’s take a step back and explore the key reasons why espadrilles are favourites in 2019!


1) Espadrilles have a flattering fit


If there’s one thing that we can all appreciate about these platform wedges, it’s the way that they make your legs and ankles look! Like all heels, the incline espadrilles place your feet on help shape your legs to look skinnier and more defined. The added flat platform also gives you an additional height boost, which you’ll enjoy standing taller without any added strain. All of this affects your overall profile, changes your stance, and corrects posture so that you should always be stepping out in confidence.  


If your skin tone is similar to the shade of the block, espadrilles can also create the illusion of even longer limbs. Ladies on the shorter side are sure to adore this particular effect. For the full-look, you could select espadrilles in a strappy self-tie design, as they accentuate the calves even further. As such, we recommend that any outfit that you pair with espadrilles is one that highlights ankles or calves.


2) Support, luxury, and natural to wear


Do you dream of heels that bring comfort and style in one? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could wear sky-high heels all night long without aches and pains? Forget wishful thinking— espadrilles are the reality!


These heels have enormous block bases that cushion your soles and absorb pressure as you walk. Instead of a needle-thin point piling strain onto a single spot, espadrilles distribute your weight evenly onto the ground and through your legs so you can feel great and dance the night away.


When you have long-lasting events and limited seating available, it pays to have shoes that you can trust to go the distance. Espadrilles are the go-to if you don’t want to wear flats!


3) You can walk outdoors


One pet-peeve for heel-wearers is walking outdoors and on uneven terrain. Maybe you’re thoroughly sick of stiletto heels sinking into the lawn, or your best block heels just don’t cut it out on sand or gravel. Whatever the reason, you need shoes with soles that can walk the talk.


In this case, espadrilles are the obvious choice! Lawns, loose gravel, and other heel-hostile grounds are no stress for out platform wedges. Our espadrilles can also keep your feet dry and warm when puddles abound, given their lofty height. So, why wouldn’t you grab a pair for your collection?


4) They’re gorgeous too!


At Wildfire, we have espadrilles that will appeal to any woman.


If sleek and smooth styles are non-negotiable, then out silkily-finished espadrilles could do very nicely in your wardrobe. You’ll love pairing these with bodycon clothes and cut-off pants that showcase ankles. Plus, the buckled fastenings make getting in and out of these shoes easy to do quickly.  


For ladies who love shoes with beachy bohemian vibes, some of our twin-textured espadrilles might do the trick! Whether you need something cool to wear with your favourite prints or want to add a new element to an outfit, our rough espadrilles will help bring out your wild side!


Beyond that, a pair with faux-suede straps are fantastic for parties and special events. They’ll look fabulous with short playsuits or dresses, and the laces are soft against the skin.


Does that help clear some things up?


At Wildfire, we think espadrilles are a must-have for everyone! Comfortable, versatile, beautiful, and cleverly-made, our platform wedges will have you looking and feeling your best from the moment that you start wearing them!