Why everyone loves strappy shoes this season

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Strappy shoes have made tremors in the fashion world and especially in the shoe industry. They have been a feature style out on the weekends, and now strappy shoes are finding their way into everyday casual attire and other little niches here and there. With more and more variations popping up on our shelves, some people are starting to ask: why? What is it about strappy shoes that have people so captivated? Well, Wildfire is here to tell you.

First things first: they are stunning

Our strappy shoes with the lengthiest ties can reach high up the calves and toward the knees. These look gorgeous both in person and in photos, and the delicate crisscross of strappy shoes is reminiscent of a style you would see on a ballerina's foot. For casual wear in the warm weather, Wildfire has strappy shoes with light, flat bases. For something with a little more formal or to add an edge to your everyday wear, we have versions of these strappy shoes with bold block heels as well. All-around, strappy shoes can fluctuate between stylish and graceful formal footwear to a chic and fashionable daily look.

The freedom to fit as you like

You can tie them at full height, showcasing the detail of your strappy shoes as much as you want; this looks great with skirts, dresses or jumpsuits that fall above the knees. Otherwise, you can tie them low and tight around your ankles— these look good with cuffed jeans or long pants, as long as the bottom of the fabric does not conceal the straps. Whether you want a loose and playful fit or a tight and streamlined style for your strappy shoes, they will look great.

The slimming effect

One of the most prominent reasons why strappy shoes are hot favourites is because they make ankles and calves appear more slender. The higher you tie strappy shoes up your legs, the more elegant and elongated that they seem. Even low and tight around your ankles, they should make them appear somewhat cinched. This trend of ankle-thinning heels has been evident the past few seasons, even outside of our classic strappy shoes.

Strappy shoes are taking over across the board

Just look at sling-backs if you still think it is all a coincidence. Sling-back kitten heels are the most recently-revived vintage styles from the fashion world, climbing their way back of obscurity and onto the list of hottest looks for the season. Not long ago it was retro trainers making a comeback— now it is kitten heels. But what does that have to do with Wildfire's strappy shoes?

If you can picture sling-backs in your mind's eye, then do it now. If not, go and do a quick search so you can scrutinise a photo. Now, which part of the foot do sling-back heels draws your attention? If you said ankles, you are correct. Just like strappy shoes, these crafty little kitten heels pull focus using their nice ankle feature and make the area around the cut-out appear slimmer. The same can be said for many other types of shoes, even sandals and stilettos, which are starting to add strappy details around their tops.

Will you be adding some to your collection anytime soon?

If you do not already have some in your wardrobe, that is. At Wildfire, we are always looking to bring our customers the hottest looks and styles. With a slimming effect on your ankles, a gorgeous look, and the freedom to fit them as you like, why would you not? Browse our strappy shoes online for your perfect pair, and bring out your wild side.