Why High Heels Should Always Be A Wardrobe Staple

Every Girl Needs The Perfect Pair Of High Heels 

Here at Wildfire, we love high heels. With a boost of height and confidence in one, these gorgeous shoes are the perfect way to lift your look. Whether you are transforming your favourite jeans and t-shirt combination into a casual fashion statement or making up the last few inches to keep your formal dress from brushing on the ground, high heels are here to help!

So, here are some of the reasons we think high heels should be in every wardrobe, and which ones they should be!

The great thing about high heels is how they can make you feel.

Our top picks for casual wear

No wardrobe should be without a pair of espadrilles this summer! With a broad wedge base for excellent comfort and support, these high heels bring relaxed all-natural vibes. Plus, they won't have you wobbling! You have your pick between a smooth base and a textured one, to add that little something extra to your outfit.

As an everyday look, we love strappy high heels with mom jeans. Finished in faux suede and flattering on your legs, our strappy and lace-up styles will work casually or formally. If you love the crisscrossed lace-up look, but don't want the hassle of actually doing them up yourself, then you could try our buckled looks.

High heels will effortlessly lift an otherwise laid-back weekend look, so you can wear your comfiest clothes but bring a more mature feeling ensemble.

Formal occasions and parties

Cocktail parties, work functions, dinners— our stiletto high heels can do it all. Nice and slim, these will go together beautifully with bodycon dresses or flowing skirts. Some of our favourites come with shiny metallic or glitter finishes. For a subtle look, you might try something with a thin band of rhinestones across the toes, for a sweet sparkle.

For something sturdier, you might try our block-based or platform high heels. They have all the same décor as our skinny styles, but with long-lasting comfort, you cannot say no!

What about some cold weather looks?

Structured and cage-look high heels provide protection for your feet and an impressive amount of cosiness. In the colder months, that extra coverage can also help to keep your feet warm, while also adding to the effect.

Long boots with high heels are perfect for winter and autumn, as a way to add some drama and attitude to any look. Over-the-knees and thigh-high styles are instant eye-catchers, so you're guaranteed to make a bold statement. With skirts or mini dresses that flash a little skin, you'll look ready to head out and party!

Heading to work

In a work setting, high heels are ideal for bringing formality and class. Even the most straightforward style brings a touch of sophistication and makes you appear more confident and professional. As such, you should always have high heels in your working wardrobe.

Ladies who spend their week in the office will adore our slide-on high heels! These are perfect if you are in a rush and need to get into your shoes quickly in the morning.

Pumps are the ideal place to start. In glossy patent or faux suede, these high heels look stunning with cropped pants or culottes and a beautiful blouse. For a smart-casual look, we love them with jeans and a smart dress jacket. These high heels can chameleon from work to the weekend as you like, so pumps get points for adaptability as well!

Bring out your wild side today!

No collection could be complete without a few pairs of high heels! With styles for every setting and occasion, there is no better place to shop. Find us online today, and we'll make sure you're ready for anything!