Why Low Heels Are Making a Comeback in 2021

Keeping up to date with all of the fashion trends can feel overwhelming at the best of times. But we know our Wildfire babes love to flaunt the hottest heel shoes trends no matter what. For example, one of the hottest shoe styles that have made a massive comeback in 2021 is the low heels.


Why you, might ask? Well, low heel shoe offer a whole range of goodies that are worth jumping on board. Low block heeled shoes are making a well-deserved comeback in 2021, and we could not be more excited.


If you are curious to know why they are becoming the hottest shoe trends of the year, then feel free to take a read below on some elements of the shoe mid heel style that will have you falling in love almost instantly.


Comfortable Shoes Are A Dream Come True!


One feature of low heels that everyone is currently obsessing over is the level of comfort that they provide. Comfortable heeled sandals are a must-have when it comes to womens low heels online and, we are feeling truly blessed to have this on-trend.


These low heel sandals are comfortable for a selection of reasons, including the fact that they have a super low base which makes it so much easier to walk in. Stiletto-like pumps are known to be super cute but also super uncomfortable. This issue is especially so for girl’s who can’t walk around for too long in a pair of stiletto pumps.


Don’t worry, babe, we feel you! That is why we are obsessed with the low heeled casual shoes trend for 2021. By wearing a pair of mid height heels, you can get maximum comfort because your feet have minimal elevation. Instead, stilettos offer a much higher base, which forces the foot to remain elevated for an extended period without any support.


On the other hand, low peep toe heels provide a levelled bottom on the soles so your feet can last longer in these comfortable kicks without putting too much strain on your feet. midlow heels offer the perfect combination of comfort and style, so catch us stocking up on every single design to flaunt this year!


Effortless And Fashionable All In One!


Low heels online are on trend this year, and we seriously cannot get enough! Not only do these lowmid heels offer ample amounts of comfort, but they are also effortlessly fashionable womens low shoes all in one. It always feels like a mission when it comes to finding shoes that look the part and ensuring you feel great from day to night, too.


But the current low heels trend fills that gap right up. Now you can find the perfect shoe to pair with your occasion dresses. In addition, this fashionable and effortlessly gorgeous style of mid heel shoes can be worn with ease. In 2021, it has become an effortless mission to find womens low heel online that you will fall in love with after the first glimpse.


They are a super cute style of shoe that needs to be added to that shopping cart as soon as possible. Fashionable wedding shoes are what every girl dreams of flaunting because they offer an effortless vibe with literally any outfit.


You could be wearing a baggy tracksuit and haven’t washed your hair in three days, but pairing that with some super cute dress shoes, well, that’s an effortlessly put-together look right there.


So we highly recommend investing in a pair (or two) of some gorgeous mid heel sandals. They are the must-have shoe trend of 2021 while sticking true to their effortless and fashionable qualities all in one.


Elevate Your Outfit With A Simple Shoe!


Kick-off a new month of 2021 with a stunning new pair of low toe heels! This trending shoe is making headlines within the fashion world thanks to its ability to elevate any outfit. Low square toe heels may be smaller, but they are the statement piece of every look.


Elevate your daytime look with a pair of simple low barely there heels, and watch your outfit go from 0-100 real quick. Thanks to the effortless qualities that these shoes provide, they can elevate your look with ease. So if you are heading straight from the office to cocktails for Friday night fun, a pair of low wedge sandals will help you do exactly that.


Low platform heeled shoes are perfect to wear throughout the day as they can easily take you straight into the night as well. Are you starting to connect the dots? Low heels are what some may call the ultimate package deal. They are super comfortable shoes with features that everyone craves when searching for a new pair of heel height pumps.


If the style is a must, then a pair of these shoes will take your outfit to the next level without compromising the style element. If anything, low heels will give your look that style boost you didn’t know you needed. You will be channelling all vibes of elegance and class while wearing a pair of womens lowmid heels, girl!


Add A Bit Of Spice To Your Shoe Collection!


If you feel like your shoe collection is looking a little dull, then this is your reason to make some room for a pair of low buckle heeled shoes! Babe, this shoe trend is something you cannot resist.


These shoes make everything better and can add a unique edge to your outfit.


These shoes come in a range of designs, colours, and shapes, so there is a style for every occasion. In addition, there is a range of low block heel shoe that offer different base shapes. This look can include a solid rectangle, half a rectangle, a stiletto-like pump, a clear base, or even a zig-zag feature.


No matter the shape, these shoes can add an edge to your look that is hard to find with any other shoe. With each different design, there is also an element of varying height levels while remaining short. Some shoes may be higher, and others may be lower, so you can choose the correct pumps accordingly to match your height and outfit.


A range of low black leather heels also features a selection of unique design features that make these shoes stand out from the rest.


For example, some low heels feature self-tie straps, buckles, mule heels, clear straps and bases, and even thong-like features at the toes. All of these features offer a unique edge to the classic low block heeled mules, making them a fashion trend you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


Never Forget The Accessories!


We know for sure when it comes to wearing low leather sandals that shoe accessories are a must. And girl, we aren’t talking about the glitz and glam, but instead, the nitty-gritty of accessories when wearing low heels.


We know that wearing these shoes is a much more comfortable alternative to stilettos. However, an additional layer of support for your feet never hurts. Adding a pair of gel cushions to the inside of your low kitten heel will save you any extra pain or sore feet you may come across.    


This is a must-have accessory if you are planning on wearing designer brands shoes for an extended period. For a night full of dancing and socialising, a set of gel cushions placed on the inside of your low heel loafer will be a literal lifesaver. You will thank us later!   


Are You Ready To Take Your Shoe Collection To The Next Level?


It is no secret that low heeled sandals in black are well and truly making a comeback in 2021 and, it is for all of the right reasons. Low heels will have you sorted, whether it’s comfort, style, or a unique twist on the traditional looks! So head on over to the Wildfire website to get your hands on some gorgeous low heels, babe!