Why Starlettos are the perfect accessories for your heels

The Perfect Accessories For Heels 

Wildfire has brought in Starlettos. And yes, this is a pretty big deal. These are high-grade heel stoppers, and the perfect accessories to go with your latest purchase. These have featured in the gift bags of Oscar and Emmy Award nominees, been used on the set of Neighbours, and sell globally. If you already use heel stoppers, Starlettos are a hot new option for you. But if you are new to the game, we have some things to explain.

The basics

Heel stoppers are a great addition to your purse. These tiny little helpers could be the difference between a fun night out with friends in your favourite new shoes or heading home early with dirty feet and heels dangling from your fingertips. In essence, Starlettos and other heels stoppers attach to the bottom of your heels, providing a more solid base for you to stand on. They also help you walk across terrain that is usually unforgiving of heels.

Reusable? You must be kidding!

Well, we're not. Starlettos can be rinsed and reused several times over, and with different heel styles. They even come with a complimentary pouch that you can tuck into your purse or store them for later. Unlike other heel stoppers that wear down after a single use, Starlettos are built strong, durable, and made to last longer.

A clever design

So, what sets Starlettos apart from the regular heel stoppers? Well, it is all to do with the form. You see, the base has unique "petal" or "star" segments that help Starlettos grip onto the bottom of your heels. The petals are capable of some flex, which means they can adapt to hold different heel shapes and sizes. These are also strong and will not come loose until you are ready to take them off. But, there is no need to be nervous about Starlettos putting marks on your faux suede shoes, or scraping leather-look materials either—they are very gentle on fabrics.

Are you getting ready for the races?

Starlettos are the perfect addition to your heels if you are on your way to watch the races this year—especially if you took a spill last year after an unfortunate combination of heels, lawns, and a few pre-race drinks. Starlettos will help you keep your feet this time, and stop your lovely new heels from disappearing into the grass.

Oh, and try not to be worried about Starlettos stepping in on your fashion style. Worn on, Starlettos are quite subtle and can pass unnoticed by people who are not looking out for them.
Perfect for a wedding

If you are dead-set on wearing heels for a wedding, Starlettos are an excellent finishing touch. Whether you expect to be dragged around into the yard or the almost-wilderness for the ultimate wedding photos, these are just what you need. Let Starlettos do the hard work so that you can focus on the camera, instead of trying to calculating the cost of your medical bills if you topple over.

Unless you are packing a set of flats for the reception, there is a good chance you will be wearing your heels almost the entire day. If so, you can afford to give yourself some comfort. Starlettos provide more surface contact between your heels and the ground— this is excellent for boosting your balance, and also for distributing your weight evenly. In short, Starlettos add a layer of stability to your heels, and with it, great comfort.

Why wait?

Jump online and add some Starlettos to your next shopping cart. You won't regret it! Bring out your wild side with Wildfire, and with Starlettos!