Why Statement Heels Are the Way to Go!

Are you thinking of investing in a new pair of pumps? Do you find yourself stuck for choice? Well, you are in the right place because the team here at Wildfire will have you sorted. We know that a pair of high heels are the ultimate statement piece. So we have gathered a range of high heels that are sure to suit your fashion style. 


There is no better feeling than rocking a pair of pumps daily. Statement high heels are the perfect way to go when looking for the right pair of shoes to wear. Whether it is a day in the office or a special occasion, you can trust the Wildfire girls have got you sorted. 


If you are keen to discover more, take a scroll below. There is bound to be a style of shoe there waiting for you, babe! 


Style 1 – Stiletto Heels


Our favourite style of high heels is the classic stilettos. This style of shoe is a must-have in every girl's wardrobe. These pumps are super stylish, which is why they are a never-ending statement piece. These high heels feature a very tall base with a thin sole and multiple straps to keep your feet strapped into place. 


We love to style these high heels with a wide range of looks. So whether it is a day in the office or a night out for drinks with the girls, you can always trust that your pair of stiletto heels will help you look flawless all night long. But, of course, the best thing about investing in a set of stilettos is that you can style these women's heels with just about every outfit. 


We love wearing these with a pencil skirt for a day in the office or a super cute mini dress for a night out. Place your best foot forward with these fashionable pumps. The options are endless with these high heels! 


Style 2 – Platforms


Get ready for the perfect pair of high heels this season. That's right; we are talking about our range of platform high heels. These are super stylish, comfortable, and on-trend, so you will never have to compromise your style for these new arrivals pumps. 


Platform heels feature a thick sole and base so that you can walk around in these shoes with ease. This shoe style is perfect to pair with a cocktail dress or pantsuit. You will look classy and sophisticated all day long in a set of these pumps, babe! 


Style 3 – Wedges


Say hello to our range of wedge high heels. This shoe style is a must-have for every girl in Australia because of its comfortable and fashionable features. For example, you will find that the base of the wedge mid heels is thick and levelled, so your feet will not experience much pain throughout the day and night. These pump heels are super on-trend as well, with plenty of women now taking up the trend for their day-to-day looks. 


You will love rocking a set of these high heels during a party or a date night with your partner. These pumps will become your new go-to pair of high heels in no time, girl! 


Style 4 – Pointed toe 


Ready to shake things up this season and try a new look? Well, now you can, thanks to our range of pointed-toe high heels. This style is super trendy at the moment, and we could not be any more obsessed. Our range of pointed-toe high heels is perfect for the girls who love to slay all day and night. 


These high heels can bring out your inner boss-babe thanks to their super tall base and classy design. The pointed-toe look is associated with elegance and style. You will feel on top of the world in a pair of these pumps, sis! 


Style 5 – High Block heels


Treat yourself to a pair of high block heels this season. You will find that these pumps are a trendy must-have piece in every girl's wardrobe. 


High block heels are perfect between a stiletto and a low block. This tip is all thanks to the thick base and tall height. This shoe style is a perfect match for the girls who hate the feeling of pain and discomfort after a night of wearing stilettos. You will find that a set of high block kitten heels is a game-changer when wearing these shoes. 


Style your pair of high block heels with a gorgeous mini dress and plenty of jewellery for the ultimate glam girl look. However, if you are keeping things casual, all you have to do is throw on a pair of high waisted jeans and a backless crop to pair with the black heels. You can create so many looks with a pair of these high block heels, girl! 




Girls forget to get their hands on when shopping for a pair of high heels is some shoe accessories. These are a must-have when purchasing a new set of pumps because they can provide you with extra comfort and a supportive layer for your feet. There is no better feeling than wearing some high heels and feeling super supported all day and night long. 


We recommend investing in some half-gel innersoles for your feet. These sit on the inside of your high heels and give the balls of your feet comfort and support. With a pair of high silver heels, it is also necessary to invest in a set of heel-stoppers. These can help you avoid any injuries on a night out with the girls and can help you to keep your balance when walking.    


These accessories will benefit you in so many ways! 


Ready to Make a Statement This Season?


You will find that your new pair of high heels will have all eyes on you. Flaunt your latest pumps from morning until night with your fashionable outfit. There is no better feeling than the one you get with a new pair of shoes on your feet. So head to the Wildfire website today and get your hands on a gorgeous pair of high heels, girl! Shop online now!