Why The Block Heel Is The Perfect Heel For Work And Play!

You Can't Go Past Block Heels 

Block heels are our top pick for formal events and other occasions these holidays! With a superb selection to start you off on the right foot this season, Wildfire is ready to bring the best new styles straight to your doorstep.

Our hottest looks

Help ignite your style with Wildfire block heels! Our spectacular shoes bring the latest designs of the year to keep your wardrobe bold and cutting-edge.

This season, we're recommending anything with faux suede, pointy toes, diamante or rhinestone trim, or that features a platform! Whatever your aesthetic, you are sure to find block heels that will bring some excitement to any outfit!

Harmonising function and comfort

One thing to remember about block heels is the fact that they get designed for support. The thicker base helps ease the pressure that would otherwise get forced onto your ankles or leg muscles. With a broader platform to balance on, block heels also help to distribute your weight more evenly while you wear them.

Plus, thick block heels can help you move on surfaces that stilettos would struggle through! If your next function has a decked outdoor set-up or features a lawn, loose rocks, and other difficult terrain types, then block heels will work beautifully!

Fastenings are one way to control how difficult that a pair of shoes is to wear. At Wildfire, we bring block heels with zippers, buckled straps, and even some lace-up ties. Not only can all of these styles adjust for your best fit and feel, but they also afford more support and security than on open style would.

Looking and feeling the part in the office

Have you ever wondered why block heels have been so popular in the workplace in recent years? It isn't hard to guess! While other work shoes might be considered more practical, block heels have a definitive edge above the rest; they look more formal and professional.

Perception is such an important thing to consider in the workplace, and your shoes can be a big part of that. If your place of employment has a dress-to-impress mindset, then rocking up a new pair of block heels is the ultimate power move.

A range that caters to you

One advantage that Wildfire can bring you is a diverse range of heights! If you're still relatively new to this idea and usually wear flats or low wedges to work, then our shorter styles can help ease you into things.

Otherwise, you can enjoy a fantastic selection of different sizes to fill up your collection!

Of course, if you want something even lower than our shortest set of block heels, but still want a bit of base, then our kitten-style sling-backs might be your perfect pick.

Go from work to weekend with ever needing to change

If you have an event right after office hours and no chance of adjusting more than your hair or makeup, then block heels are the superior shoe choice to help you along!

Block heels make excellent footwear for events and parties for the same reason that they make such a fantastic work pick. They're beautiful, bring long-lasting comfort, and make any outfit seem more elegant and formal. Where a tired pair of sensible slides could look out of place in a nice restaurant, block heels are right at home in the most sophisticated settings.

So, whether you're off for drinks on Friday night, celebrating a birthday, or dining with family, or de-stressing with a dance, our block heels will be your ideal match!

Don't wait— shop the range today!

Go from desk to dinner in a heartbeat this season with Wildfire's block heels.