Why The Block Heel Will Never Go Out Of Style

What Makes Block Heels So Popular?


Block heels are a must-have for any wardrobe! Pretty, well-designed, and practical, these shoes will never go out of style! Don’t believe us? Read on— we’re sure to change your mind.


Designed for ease of wear


For one thing, block heels are practical; too practical to ever lose their status as a formal or work option. If there’s something any woman can appreciate, it’s a pair of shoes that support their feet and provide long-lasting and comfortable wear. With block heels, you get all of that and more!


If you’re always up on your feet, walking around, or have a long transit to and from work, then you need something that can support you. Wildfire block heels get designed for hours of reliable comfort thanks to their smart features.


The right balance of look and feel


Heels of any kind have to balance fashion and function, whether they be stilettos or block styles. Because of the way these sorts of shoes make your feet arch when you have them on, it’s essential that they find ways to offset any cramp-inducing pressure to prevent aches and pains.


One way to achieve this is by using platforms. Where most skinny stilettos increase the slope you have to rest on to get more height, block heels add a flat layer to the bottom sole. That way, you can stand taller without forcing your feet into an uncomfortable position.


Our most popular looks that utilise platforms like this include strappy styles and wedges.


They’re easy to walk in


Do you remember the last time that you wore stilettos to a fancy event hosted on grass? Shoes with thin points are excellent for special occasions and a pristinely put-together look. However, they are notorious for failing outdoors.


If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of wearing slim heels instead of block-based ones, then you already know why it’s a bad idea. There’s always a chance of rolling your ankle on uneven paths, sinking in soft ground and face-planting, and any number of other trips and slips that could have been avoided by choosing block heels instead.


Any event that won’t welcome flats and can’t handle stilettos is a natural setting for block heels.


They come in heaps of different looks


The only sure-fire way to keep block heels relevant is to make sure that they always come with the hottest new trends of the season. While our classic cocktail block heels are beautiful, the much-loved looks every year come with whatever designs and decors are dominating the fashion world.


So, what are the best new trends for block heels at Wildfire?


Diamantes and rhinestones


You’ll see glittery décor on all sorts of shoes this season. Styles with diamantes and sparkles look fabulous at special occasions like weddings and parties, but we’ve loved seeing these worn out casually as well. A line of dazzling trim across the toes of your block heels make for glamorous accessorising and an ever-elegant aesthetic.


Looks on point


Our pointy-toes block heels are another winner. Not only do they shape your feet, but the sweet faux suede finish is a fun change from regular smooth synthetic materials. Trendy and practical, these block heels will be a perfect pick anytime during the year.


Espadrille fever


The thickest of our block heels are a summery wedge. Bold, big, and beautiful, these chunky platforms shape and slim your legs. Like our pointy-toed block heels, espadrilles can flit between casual or formal events as long as you dress them right.


Ready to elevate your wardrobe with these essentials?  


Let us bring out your wild side with a new set of block heels.