Why Thong Heels Are Making A Resurgence

Why are thong heels making a resurgence this season? The Wildfire team can think of a few reasons. Not only do they bring a vintage-made-modern vibe to your outfits, but they’re also comfortable womens heels with heaps of versatility.


Do you need a bit more convincing? Then, keep reading, and we’ll outline why our thong heels online are the perfect pick for your wardrobe in 2021!

What Can We Tell You About These Black Heeled Designs?


We’ll start with the basic information about our strappy heeled shoes! If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Wildfire collection of platform sandals and stiletto heels this year, then we’re sure that you will have noticed our vintage-look stilettos cropping up on the shelves.


Our thong white heels are short stilettos with a slide-on fit, and, as the name suggests, these come with trendy thong-style straps. If you hate fiddling with buckle heeled stiletto or can never get self-tie straps into the right spot, then you’ll love the ease of wear our slide-on shoes provide.


At the end of a long night out with friends, you’ll be glad that you can kick off your knee high boots and go straight to bed instead of fumbling to undo all the fastenings of ankle strap shoes. These toe heels have an open and breezy design, so they’ve been popular during summer and spring.


After all, no one can get hot feet in thongs! However, shoes in style are still trans-seasonal. The backless style makes pairing long skirts, pants, and dresses in your thong heels oh-so-simple!


As long as you can see the iconic toe straps, it doesn’t matter if your ankles get covered by your clothing, which means these shoes can also integrate into your winter and autumn wardrobe! Finally, the low heels on our thong styles have a fun retro design. 


Unlike classic stilettos and heeled boots, these pumps have a slight curve for an extra touch of fashion!

Getting Around In Our Low Heels Is Simple And Easy!


The fact that our platforms are easy to walk in is probably obvious to anyone who’s shopped at Wildfire before, but we thought it was worth mentioning for any new customers!


Naturally, low heels like kitten heel or mid heel are the easiest for beginners to move, stand, dance, and keep on their feet for the longest. If you don’t have much experience wearing platforms, short or mid heel shoes designs are always the best place.


Since our thong heels have short stilettos, they only place your feet on a slight incline and angle. Taller styles put more pressure on your feet and ankles (and subsequently your calves and legs) and can be much trickier to balance if you aren’t confident walking on high heel sandal.


In contrast, you should get the hang of our short toe thong heels in no time! Take a closer look at the platforms themselves, and you’ll see that they are slightly wider through the top than our regular stilettos.


Having extra width through the heels can reduce strain on your feet by distributing your body weight more evenly through your legs. So, you can trust that spending all night in your thong heels won’t be a struggle! The venues you want to go to won’t matter with these padded toe thong shoes.


There are some types of heels pump that you simply wouldn’t risk wearing in an outdoor setting, but toe thong heeled sandals aren’t one of them! So, no matter where your next event takes you, our shoes have got you covered!

Our Thong Heels Come With Trendy Textures!


Of course, we still have a whole host of classic synthetic designs like diamante sandals. But, if a smooth leather-look finish is your idea of perfection, then you’ve still got plenty of block heel mules to choose from at Wildfire.


However, we’ve been taking note of the year’s hottest trends and finding ways to incorporate them into our selection of heel height shoes, which is why you’ll see other textures on our styles in 2021. One of the standout finishes on our thong heels is crocodile scales!


To be clear, Wildfire’s crocodile and lizard-look shoes are still vegan-friendly! No crocodiles, lizards, reptiles, or other animals were involved in making any of our heel shoes, and we use no animal by-products either— we guarantee ethical sourcing and creation!


 So, you can enjoy the trendy look of crocodile skin on your heels without a shred of guilt. When it comes to styling your dress shoes, having a standout texture can make all the difference!


If you’re in a rush to get dressed and pile on some basics, adding crocodile block heel sandals to the end of your outfit can give the whole ensemble a boost. Another way you can style your scaly shoes is by pairing them up with clothes or accessories with a matching finish.


Whether you pick a crocodile-look jacket, clutch, for example, one or skirt, having scales somewhere else on your outfit will make your block heeled thong look more at home and fashionable.


Remember— Heels Aren’t The Only Womens Heels Online With Thong Straps Available!


Wildfire has an enormous collection of all shoe sizes for flats, wedding shoes, slides, and strap sandal this season, and they’re yours for the taking! If you plan to buy some of our thong heels and realise you’d love a pair of wide fit flats as well, then feel free to have a snoop through the rest of our range.


We have some gorgeous thongs on offer at the moment, and they’ll be fantastic casual shoes for you throughout the year. With so many colours like beige heeled available too, it’s no wonder our customers are falling in love with Wildfire’ thongs.


You can’t go wrong if you grab a pair of our slides in white, natural, or black. After all, they’ll be as easy to match with your favourite outfits as our classic heels. Still, we’ve also got some pretty pastel shades of flatform sandals for you to see this season too.


Pale pink, green and blue shades are our top picks right now. Who needs everyday heels when you can style these eye-catching thongs instead? Beyond that, we also have classic waterproof beach thongs with fun prints for you.


If you want to buy extra shoes that you can wear to the pool, beach, or outside in rainy weather, then put our waterproof slides straight into your shopping cart!

Find a pair for yourself at Wildfire today!


Our thong heels are waiting for you now, so come and see your options!