Why Wedges Are Gaining In Popularity

Shoes To Shop For This season


If you want top shoe trends of the season, then it's time you got your hands on Wildfire wedges! Beyond our espadrilles and other platforms, shoes of all shapes, sizes, and styles are getting larger bases. What is it about wedges that have grabbed our attention? Read on to find out!


Here are six reasons why you should consider adding a pair to your collection in 2019:


1) Wedges are comfortable


Above all, these stocky shoes are praised for their long-lasting cosiness. Our espadrilles provide superior support for your feet, legs, and ankles. Where other heels increase pressure as they heighten the incline, wedges add height without consequence by boosting you up on a platform instead. That means you can get toweringly tall shoes without having to feel the extra centimetres.


What’s not to love about that?


2) Wearing them is easy


If you want heels that you can endure hostile terrain, then our wedges are a brilliant choice.


Stiletto points are prone to slipping between deck gaps, sinking into grassy lawns, and faltering on uneven surfaces. Even indoors, thick carpets can spell disaster for a skinny heel, while tiles can cause you to slip and slide.


But with Wildfire wedges, you get steady balance thanks to the thick bottom base. Espadrilles bring the full sole-to-ground contact that you’d expect from flats while maintaining the lift you desire from heels.


3) They accentuate your ankles and calves


Wedges make your legs seem slender by defining and lengthening muscles. This provides shaping to your silhouette, which is always a bonus for ladies in flowing material or baggy clothing that masks their figure. In winter, espadrilles can slim-down oversized jumpers and knit dresses as well.


While you shouldn’t be self-conscious about your calves, wedges can be a confidence booster if you do have reservations about showing them off.  


4) We have different heights


While we adore the look of enormous wedges, we know they're not for everyone. And, if you’re going for a casual look, a huge base can feel over-the-top. Thankfully, Wildfire has several smaller wedges that could fit your fancy.


Lower styles will be perfect to wear out on the weekends, at the beachside, or down to the shops.


5) You can dress them up or down to your pleasure


Our wedges will look lovely with anything in your existing wardrobe, as long as the clothes can highlight your legs or ankles. Beyond that, you have total freedom for styling them!


Dressing wedges up for different settings should be a breeze. If you’re keeping things relaxed, then try our espadrilles with skinny jeans. Are you off to party a stressful week away? Your latest pretty playsuit or patterned dress is an effortless match. You could even take our wedges into work if you felt like it, and be a fresh updated to your corporate wardrobe. After all, platforms go beautifully with culottes and a blouse!


6) There’s are fastenings and finishes for anyone


One benefit of perusing Wildfire styles is that the diverse range has something for everyone! Even shoes from the same categories can seem poles apart in a different colour or material. Take our smooth wedges and twine-textured espadrilles, for example. They’re almost identical styles, yet the material adds a stark contrast between the designs.


The same can be said for the choice of fastening too. We have strapped self-tie wedges that will give your legs length and bring a delicate grace. But we also carry wedges with minimal buckled bands to keep your outfits looking sleek, chic, and sensual.


We hope that helps!


Bring out your wild side in 2019 and dress to impress with wedges.