Why You Need Block Heels In Your Wardrobe!

Why do you need block heels?


Wildfire is here to shed light on the topic. Beyond being gorgeous looking shoes, there are practical reasons to choose these over your standard stilettos.


For one thing, block heels are the most stable kind of platform shoe


Espadrille wedges are a close second-place winner, but it’s block heels that have the best balance and maneuverability for their wearers. Stilettos may be beautiful, but they have a nasty tendency to sink or catch in soft surfaces like carpet or lawn, and walking on deck or rocky paths in them is a flirtation with disaster. Block heels provide you with much-needed width and a base that can traverse easily over different kinds of terrain. Whether you plan to take your block heels outdoors or indoors, these are the most user-friendly and versatile. Forget about stumbling or face-planting thanks to these fantastic shoes!


Secondly, our block heels provide long-lasting support and comfort


If you plan on being on your feet all day or going hard on the dancefloor, then block heels are your ideal companion. The build of these shoes allows your body weight to be evenly distributed through your legs and ankles, which means less pressure is placed on your muscles. If you’ve ever suffered cramps or achy feet after spending an event in stilettos, then you’re sure to love this aspect of block heels. As such, we think that shoes of this sort are the logical choice for weddings, all-night work functions, wild weekends with the girls, and during the working week.


Our shoes also balance beauty and practicality


Don’t get the idea that you’re sacrificing style for functionality when you choose block heels. Our styles are as glamorous and classy as any set of stilettos. In fact, many of our best bridal and evening block heels are near-identical to our skinnier shoes. The only point of difference between the majority of these looks is the fact that some have got block heels and the others have thin points. So, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that and grab a pair for your next outing?


You can find an array of different styles at Wildfire


We know that all of our customers are going to have unique tastes and wants for their footwear, which is why we make sure to include plenty of variation. Each of our key block heels comes in a handful of different materials or colours, which means you’re guaranteed to find something that fits your fancy. You could choose block heels in smooth faux suede, shiny synthetic leather, glitter, or even with some twine worked into the design.


You can take any outfit to the next level with a pair of block heels


Who said that formal events and dinner dates were the only places you can bring out our platform shoes? This year, in particular, we’ve seen a massive surge of women wearing block heels and similar to create a dressy casual statement. While they add an element of glamour and grace to your casual clothes, block heels also manage not to look out of place under ratty denim. Combining your weekend favourites with your best-loved block heels makes your ensemble seem prepared and thought-out, even if you only decided to swap out your sneakers on your way out the door.


Have we managed to convince you?


We know you’ll love the versatile range at Wildfire, so why not shop the look? There are all sorts of stunning block heels waiting for you on our shelves this season. Browse around for all the best now, and unleash your wild side! Now, find a hot new pair today!