Why You Should Give Over The Knee Boots A Go This Winter!


Are you ready to lift your outfit game this season?

At Wildfire, we love pushing boundaries and bringing out every woman’s wild side. This winter, we want to see more people in over-the-knee boots! They’re pretty, practical, and make a bold fashion statement. 


Over-the-knee boots are practical because of their warmth


Ankle-high and calf-length boots have excellent coverage, but nothing beats the reach of our thigh-highs! If you’re looking for an easy way to make your outfit warmer on a blustery, cold day, then these a natural option. Not only do you have an extra layer on your legs that goes from mid-thigh to toe, but you also treat yourself to some warm faux suede. This fuzzy material feels soft on your skin and will help trap heat inside your shoes. 


If you’re tired of bundling up with a dozen layers before you go outside, or can’t stand to wear stockings and tights again, then over-the-knee boots also provide an alternative option. These will provide enough warmth for you to wear summery skirts and dresses without feeling cold! 


There are different ways to wear these boots


While many ladies opt to wear their trendy over-the-knee boots with skirts, playsuit, dresses, and other short-cut clothing, they make a nice match with pants too. Since our styles come in faux suede, they have enough stretch to shimmy up your calves and go straight over pant-legs. We recommend that you wear leggings or skinny jeans if you choose to try our thigh-high boots this way, as looser or bulkier pants create weird-looking bumps and lumps. 


Thigh-high boots are a perfect match with dresses and skirts


If you love block colours, then you can create a cool outfit combination by contrasting the shade of your boots with your clothing. However, the long stretch of black material also look amazing under intricate or colourful prints and patterns as well. Our over-the-knee boots can complement an endless assortment of ensembles, so mixing and matching them with the best items in your winter wardrobe will be fun!


Oversized styles also look fantastic with thigh-high boots


Do you enjoy oversized sweaters, puffy jackets, or long coats during the winter? A pair of our boots could be the ideal shoes to pair with them! The skinny fit of these can balance a bulky top half and add some shaping back to your silhouette. You’ll stay snug inside your plush outer layers and still look amazing! 


Try these with animal prints and patterns


If you’ve had trouble trying to find something that can match your latest leopard print coat or snakeskin skirt, then our over-the-knee boots will be a welcome addition to your collection. As we mentioned before, the all-black colour of our over-the-knee styles makes them an obvious match with patterned clothing and helps highlight the look. So, if you’re experimenting with any animal-inspired fashion trends, then do it better with boots in 2019!


If your boots have a heel, you get a fashion boost and a height lift!


What’s the easiest way to elevate any look? Just add some heels into the mix! At Wildfire, our styles come with tall but cosy block heels. Not only are these excellent for maintaining balance and comfort during a long event, but they also make your boots look even more elegant and stylish. With a set of heeled shoes in this look, you can flit between casual and formal occasions without a care in the world. Who wouldn’t want shoes that give that sort of freedom? 


So, have we convinced you?


Are you still on the fence? Come and browse our styles online and get a better look.  Otherwise, prepare to take your fashion to the next level with thigh-high boots!