Why Your Wedding Shoes Don't Have To Be Expensive

So, you've found your dream dress, and now you're probably asking yourself, "where do I start with wedding shoes?" Well, Wildfire is here to help in that department! Read on. We will show you how you can incorporate trendy, comfortable and affordable wedding shoes into your big day. 


You've probably been dreaming about your perfect dress since you were a little girl, but you probably haven't given much thought at all to what's underneath the dress. This isn't something that can be pushed aside until the last minute. Give this some thought. Besides, these kicks will need to take you from day to night without any pain and regret. 


So, where do you find the perfect wedding shoes without breaking the bank? We have made the search for your sole-mate that much easier at Wildfire!


Don't Get Caught Up In Designer Trends!


When it comes to your big, special day, we know how easy it is to get sucked into designer trends. Take designer heels, for example. They look fantastic in your photos and videos and, of course, will look fabulous with your dream dress, but don't get sucked in. Truth be told, these beauties look just like Cinderella's glass slippers but are disguised as a world of pain. Squeezing your feet into these slender points and walking on pin-like stiletto heels all day will cause you a mountain of discomfort. 


Trust us when we say: save your money, splurge on other things, like your honeymoon or maybe you could add some extra little touches to your big day. Your special day is about creating memories for you, your groom and your guests. Splurge on something special and make your big day one for your guests to remember. 


Despite what you may think, your wedding shoes are not that important. Most of the time, they are hidden underneath your beautiful gown unless you have chosen to wear a short number. You can't do much about this, so if your wedding shoes aren't on full display, why spend hundreds of dollars? 


At Wildfire, we have a range of heels that are not wedding shoes specific but will most definitely do the trick and take you right through your big day pain-free. And since they aren't wedding-specific, then what's stopping you from wearing them again to the next formal event? We are here for recycling attire from your big day somehow, and there is no better place to start than your wedding shoes! 


Yes, planning your big day can be expensive, but that doesn't mean your wedding shoes need to be. You've come to the right place. Wildfire's range of high and mid heels, low heels and sandals are perfect to accompany any dress style. 


Wildfire's Heels 


Most brides opt to wear high or mid-heels on their big day, and we have the perfect wedding shoes that will do the trick. Whether you are looking for a super trendy strappy slip-on style or a strappy style with an ankle strap to secure your feet, Wildfire has you covered! 


Since white is the season's colour, you can't go past our white heels collection in a range of heights and heel shapes. If stark white is too harsh against your gown, why not try a neutral nude; in our range of neutral shades, we are sure you will find the perfect hue just for you. 


Or why don't you have some fun with your outfit? Add a pop of colour to your wedding shoes. Strappy coloured heels are a hot trend this season, so why not embrace it and add a fun hue or maybe something blue? Add a modern twist to perfectly complement your white gown! 


Keep Location In Mind


Where are you tying the knot? Whether you are getting married in a beautiful garden, church, beach or under a marquee, you need to keep location in mind when purchasing your wedding shoes. Keep heel shapes in mind; find the perfect heel shape and height to make it much easier for you to move around in.


For a church wedding, you will be walking around on pretty stable grounds throughout the day, so you will be able to wear a higher stiletto heel. In contrast, if you were getting married in the garden, it would be smarter to opt for a mid-sized block heel. 


These are all little things that you need to keep in mind when searching for your wedding shoes. 


Back-Up Wedding Shoes


We've been raving about keeping comfortable throughout the day and how our heels will keep you comfy all day and night. There is no question that even the lowest kitten heel will eventually cause some slight discomfort. 


We don't expect you to wear sky-high heels for twelve hours straight. We aren't putting that kind of pressure on you, and that's why we recommend you pick up a stylish pair of low heels or sandals to throw on under the dress that will make you stay on the dance floor all night long. 


It's going to be a long day. No one expects the bride to withstand sky-high heels all day, so while you are shopping for your perfect wedding shoes, don't forget to keep an eye out for low heels or sandals that you can change into later on. Don't get caught up on how it may look wearing flats underneath your dress. Just remember, if you have a floor-length gown, no one will see! 


With Wildfire's range of sandals and kitten heels, we are sure that you will find the perfect back up wedding shoes for your big day. A strappy, wrap-up style sandals in brilliant gold, silver, nude or tan tones will perfectly accompany any dress. 


You could also simply opt for a similar pair of kitten heels to change into later. Our styles are very similar throughout heel heights, so you should be able to buy an almost identical version to your wedding shoes. 


And of course, we understand that heels aren't for everyone, so easily shop our range of kitten heels and sandal styles and find your perfect wedding shoes! 


When it comes to your special day, you want everything to be perfect, and your wedding shoes shouldn't be an exception! Don't get caught up in the buzz of it all and lose sight of what your big day is really about. Don't get caught up in trends and find yourself spending hundreds of dollars on wedding shoes that you may only wear once. 

Get yourself an affordable pair of wedding shoes from Wildfire