Wildfire's Latest Collection of Heels

Have you been searching for the perfect pair of shoes? Your endless endeavour ends now. We know that shoes are a girl's best friend. And if there's one type that always stays in style, it's heels! 

Owning a pair will add height and boost your confidence. More importantly, heels give the illusion of longer and leaner legs, which leads us to the point that you can look good instantly without putting too much effort.

With these shoes in your closet, you can experiment with various outfits, from casual jeans to fancy dresses. As versatile as they are, you can dress them up or down and wear them on different occasions. And when it comes to finding the perfect pair, only one brand deserves a spot in your closet—Wildfire Shoes!

Wildfire's collection of heels caters to different preferences, ensuring you can find something that fits your style. These shoes are the ultimate combination of style, comfort, versatility, and durability. The best part about Wildfire Shoes is you can look and feel luxurious without breaking the bank. Discover the latest collection and find the pair that is perfect for you. Let's start!


High Heels


Have you ever heard the saying, "When you give a girl the right pair of shoes, she can conquer the world"? When it comes to footwear, high heels are the ultimate power move. While not all options are equal, the right pair can make you unstoppable. The stunning collection of Wildfire high heels elevates your height, confidence, and style, like Martini, a gorgeous option standing at 9 cm. These square-toe heels feature two elegant straps and a trendy open-toe.


Low Heels


Wildfire's low-heeled collection is perfect for anyone who craves comfort and practicality without sacrificing style. The options are ideal for extended periods because they offer stability and a cosy, subtle elevation. Whether for the office, special occasions, or meeting the girls for brunch, you can ditch the towering heels and go for stylish, low ones. The online exclusive Copal will change how you view low heels. These elegant shoes can boost any outfit with their 3.5 cm kitten heel, pointed-toe shape, and satin finish. The bow detail adds a modern touch to the classic slingback style.


Block Heels


Wildfire block heels are crowd favourites, with everyone clamouring for a pair. Who wouldn't want these shoes when their broad bases distribute weight evenly? Since these women's heels offer stability, comfort, and style, anyone who wants a shoe upgrade should get in line for a pair that seamlessly combines everything you can ever want. No more teetering or balancing on narrow bases with these shoes around. Cassia block heels have everything you can ever ask for—supportive 9 cm bases, adjustable ankle straps, and woven toe straps covered in diamante. Available in black, natural, white, gold, and silver.




Do you have what it takes to wear stiletto heels with their thin, narrow bases? These Wildfire shoes create a stunning silhouette that adds a touch of elegance and style to your closet. While the collection of versatile stilettos will keep you fashion-forward and fabulous, you may experience some hiccups with balance and pressure because of the narrow bases that alter your balance and place all the pressure on the balls of your feet. However, you can continue to enjoy a comfortable experience with the help of Wildfire gel cushions, heel grips, and heel stoppers. Wildfire's online-exclusive Impress will turn heads at every event you wear it to. These stiletto heels have elegant slim double straps adorned with rhinestones around the ankle, toes, and bridge of the foot to sparkle and shine at any event.


Bridal & Evening


The intricate detailing and luxurious materials of Wildfire's bridal & evening heels collection are perfect for formal events. These versatile options can elevate your style and vibe during weddings or black-tie affairs. Why settle for the ordinary when these Wildfire options offer elegance and glam? Strut in style with Soulmate, a stunning Wildfire option for special occasions. These bridal & evening heels have a closed-back heel covered with a gorgeous bow that will have everyone's eyes trailing you around.




Enjoy staggering heights comfortably with Wildfire's platform heels. Each option comes with a raised sole under the front of the foot and a block heel at the back, working together to provide everyone with an unforgettable experience. Change how you dress with platform heels, adding a modern edge to your style. Bonsai, with a platform height of 2 cm and a heel height of 11.5 cm, is the perfect elegant shoe to complete your shoedrobe. Available in five shades that complement your clothes, these platform shoes effortlessly make you look good with their two elegant straps across the toes and two thin straps around the ankle. 




Every fashionista deserves the effortless style and convenience that mule heels offer. You can effortlessly step into the shoes and boost your sophistication within seconds. The Wildfire collection comes in various heights, allowing you to go high or low in height and choose whether single, double, or multiple straps. Blake offers unique visual and tactile aesthetics perfect for elevating your style. These heel mules have a slip-on fit with two horizontal top straps made of raffia material. Blake's braided bands bring a fun, bohemian, and textured style to the vibe.


Closed Toe


Some ladies prefer to keep things conservative and opt for closed-toe heels. But this does not, in any way, reduce the shoe's style factor. Closed-toe heels have a distinctly elegant, polished, and practical vibe that ensures you look the part wherever you go, whether at work or play. Wear any of Wildfire's gorgeous closed-toe heels with pantsuits, skirts, or dresses. Impress everyone, including yourself, with Wildfire's Lottie in red. These stunning closed-toe slingback heels are the statement piece you need. Although available in five other colours, nothing compares to the beautiful limited-edition red shade. Stand out wherever you go when you wear these heels with a monochromatic black or white outfit.


Complete Your Shoedrobe with Wildfire Heels!


Apart from the previously mentioned styles, delve into our extensive array of heel heights, ranging from low heels to mid heels to high heels. These designs encompass various boots, kitten heels, square-toe heels, open-toe heels, court heels, wedges, and more. Each choice effortlessly elevates any ensemble. Our collection accommodates a wide range of shoe sizes and styles. 

Use our user-friendly filters to discover your next favourite pair, complete your outfit, and put your best foot forward on any special occasion or formal attire. It's time to upgrade your shoe closet. Head to the nearest Wildfire retailer or shop online and grab gorgeous heels!