Winter Boots That Are Stylish and Affordable!

You’ll find the most stylish and affordable winter boots at Wildfire this season! Our 2020 collection is full of outstanding styles and the latest trends. Plus, we have the most affordable winter boots around! We know that our low prices will put a smile on your face this season, while our shoes keep you warm, comfy, and looking your best. So, are you ready to hear a bit more about our best winter boots? If you have an empty spot in your cold-weather wardrobe, then here are some ideas about what you’ll want to add:

Casual winter boots  


When it comes to styles you can wear any day of the week, our casual shoes are the ones to choose! Here at Wildfire, we offer everyday pull-on designs that can appeal to everyone.  Our pull-on styles have elastic side panels. Not only does the stretchy material make it super easy to get them on and off your feet, but it also creates a fun look for your winter boots. You’ll have no trouble pairing these up with anything from your seasonal collection, whether it’s jeans and a jacket, leggings and a hoodie, or whatever else. Plus, they are also very accommodating to different foot shapes (including wide and narrow feet), so you know they’ve got your comfort covered. 

Over-the-knee winter boots


Do you like shoes that can make a statement? Thigh-high winter boots are nothing if not eye-catching. The height alone creates a bold and confident look, while the soft faux suede material adds another element to your ensemble. Tall winter boots are also a pragmatic option during the colder months because they will warm you from toe to thigh. If you like wearing jumpsuits, short dresses and skirts, or other summery outfits during the colder months, then over-the-knee shoes are a must-have for your collection! 

Sock booties and ruched designs  


Do you want to find a happy medium between elegant thigh-high and casual ankle-high winter boots? Well, here at Wildfire, we think you’ll be pleased with our mid-high options. For starters, you will find it easy to dress up or dress down these winter boots, and they excel as semi-formal footwear. The first option for you comes with ankle socks, which help slim down your calves for a flattering fit. The second option is our mid-calf winter boots, which feature fashionable ruched detailing. 

Block-heeled shoes


At Wildfire, we offer both flat-soled designs and styles with block heels. If you’re remotely interested in wearing your winter boots out to a party, dinner, or special occasion, then you should invest in a heeled pair. Since they come with broad platforms, you wouldn’t have any trouble wearing them out for the day, so they’re perfect for busy weekends where you want to dress up a bit. 

Buy your winter boots now and pay later with Wildfire


Did you know that we offer customers the choice to pay for their items using Afterpay or Zip? If you’re unfamiliar with these flexible payment options, then you should look into them! When you buy winter boots using an Afterpay or Zip account, we send your items as normal. However, the difference with buying shoes this way is that you won’t have to pay for your order all at once. Instead, you can split the cost of your winter boots into a series of instalments, which you will pay back over a few weeks. You’ll get to enjoy wearing your new pair before you’ve even paid for them! Afterpay and Zip are excellent options for anyone who wants new winter boots while still sticking to their weekly budget. 

Which ones caught your attention? 


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