Winter Boots That Will Boost Your Winter Style!

Take home the best winter boots of the season! You’ll always get the hottest styles when you shop at Wildfire. Not only will our excellent winter boots keep you toasty and warm in the colder months, but they’ll ensure your outfits look stylish too! Do you find that difficult to believe?

Well, we’ll happily walk you through the basics. Once you’ve finished reading this article, you should have a better idea of the winter boots Wildfire has available, and which kind will suit your current wardrobe the best! Now, we’ll get to it!


Everyday pairs are the ideal place to start!


These flat styles are the everyday shoes you need during the colder months. Throughout the year, trainers and sneakers are the go-to casual shoes for most people. But, once the weather takes a turn for the worse, you’ll appreciate the extra protection that you get from these winter boots. While they aren’t the tallest of our styles, ankle-high pairs will help shield your feet and legs from icy winds, rain, and those sorts of things. But, you aren’t going to pick these winter boots on practicality alone, are you?

Our short winter boots come in a timeless leather-look material (with comfy elastic side panels) and an easy-to-match black finish. No matter what colours dominate your wardrobe, you’ll find these shoes look great with your favourite clothes! 


So, what about our heeled winter boots? 


Our heeled styles make up the majority of our designs and for a good reason! With platforms there to give your look a boost, they’re easy to dress up or dress down for different occasions. Put on your favourite jeans and sweater, and our heeled winter boots, you can run errands or meet up with friends. And, you’ll find that these cold-weather designs look fabulous with formal attire too!

You don’t need to worry about the heels making winter boots challenging to walk in either. Since they all come with broad platforms, getting across slippery or uneven terrain won’t be challenging. 


Ankle-high winter boots with heels are super similar to the flat ones! 


So, we won’t spend too much more time talking about them. Like our everyday shoes, these short winter boots have elasticised side gussets, zippers on the back, and shiny leather-look material. One difference that might excite you is the extra colour option; these shoes also come in a tan version, so you’ll have even more styling options!


You’ll love our ruched shoes and sock booties!


These trendy shoes are calf-high and make a cute pairing with long skirts and cut-off jeans. Since these get made out of faux suede material, they have a super soft texture and feel fabulous from the first second they’re on your feet. 

With their pointed toes, tall heels, and relaxed fit, ruched winter boots have a flattering fit that can make your ankles and calves appear slimmer. Still, it’s sock booties that most people have fallen in love with during 2020. The rounded toes, ankle sock, and smooth shape give these winter boots an elegant air. 


Finally, we have everyone’s favourite thigh-highs!


Over-the-knee winter boots will always boost your style. Unlike other shoes, which tend to balance out with your clothes, thigh-high designs draw attention effortlessly. Your long winter boots can be the focal point of your outfit, so you can stress less about what clothes you match with them. Is your 2020 wardrobe filled with sweater dresses and teddy coats? Thigh-high winter boots are the perfect shoes to pair with those! 


What do you think?


We hope you have a better idea of which winter boots to get this year! Visit the Wildfire website for a closer look!