Winter Heel Styles For 2020!

Prepare your wardrobe for the upcoming season with Wildfire’s best winter heels! We know that you will love these trendy styles from the moment you first put them on your feet. Would you like to hear about the winter heels we love best for the colder months? Well, keep reading to find out all the juicy details! 

Add some colour to your collection with our fluorescent stilettos!

Sometimes you need a bright pair of winter heels to liven up your collection. Unlike summertime styles, clothes made for colder months tend to come in neutral or monochromatic shades. As such, it pays to have a pair in your wardrobe that can become lively winter heels! Here at Wildfire, we nominate our sunny yellow stilettos for the job! These vibrant pumps come with self-tie straps, so you can rework them to suit any type of outfit. Of course, if you like the sound of these winter heels but would prefer a less flashy colour, then our black versions will look lovely too. 

Lace-up booties will always be some of our favourites! 

If you want the perfect fusion of boots and winter heels, then you had better add our lace-up shoes to your shopping cart! These block-based platforms have the gorgeous profile of classic cocktail styles but bring a similar level of coverage and protection as boots. As the name suggests, these winter heels have a laced upper. These ties allow you to loosen or tighten the booties to the exact shape your feet need for the ideal comfort, and they also act as a decorative feature. We can’t say no to such trendy and comfy winter heels, and we’re sure you’ll feel the same! 

Woven booties could be another great match for you!

Does your collection already have lace-up winter heels? Well, let us over you a hot 2020 alternative. Woven booties are a vintage-made-new design that you have got to try! These winter heels feature a cool circular buckle, stylish woven material, and cute peep-toes. While weave-look booties are on the airy side, they cover most of your feet, so don’t worry about getting frosty toes! 

You cannot go wrong with a cute pair of ankle boots!

Our leather-look winter heels will keep your toes toasty and warm during chilly days! When the rainy weather shows up this season, you have got to try our pull-on boots. Don’t worry about slipping on wet pathways or messing up your winter heels when you stroll straight through some stray puddles. The broad base on these boots will keep you sure-footed and steady every time you take a step. Not to mention, footwear made with synthetic leather has excellent water resistance. Even if your shoes get soggy, cleaning them up will only take a second! 

Make a fashion statement with over-the-knee winter heels!

These are the shoes to choose when you want to stand out from the crowd. Over-the-knee winter heels will keep your legs warm from your toes to your thighs during the coldest days of the season, and they make every outfit more memorable. Since these shoes come in a bold black finish, they are head-turning shoes that always leave an impression. Now, what sort of clothes can you wear with thigh-high winter heels? Do you love big fluffy teddy coats and oversized sweater dresses? Our over-the-knee boots will slim down your look and add a touch of formality. Otherwise, you can always pair your thigh-high winter heels up with a cute casual coat and your favourite cold-weather basics. 

Do you have a favourite pair from this article?

You’ll get a better idea of the scope of styles Wildfire has if you browse on our website. Now, come and see our winter heels today!