Winter Heels Perfect For Chilly Nights Out!

Are you sick of frozen toes and cold feet? Let us help you find the perfect winter heels! Our collection has the style that you need this season, we are sure of it. Here at Wildfire, we think the best winter heels for the job are our gorgeous boots! There are heaps of different designs for you to try out, which is why we're laying them out for you in this article. Even if you're familiar with our winter heels, we're sure you'll see them in a different light once you're done reading. 

What height should you choose?


Here at Wildfire, we have ankle-high, calf-high, and thigh-high boots. For the most part, the winter heels you choose will depend on your personal preference, but there's also the warmth to think about. As you might expect, our over-the-knee styles are the warmest because they have the most coverage and shield your legs from toe to thigh. However, if you're more likely to wear jeans day-to-day than a sweater dress, you might run the risk of getting too hot in those winter heels! Ladies who wear pants and long skirts would be better matched with our calf-high or ankle-high styles. Not only will they look great, but they'll also strike a good temperature balance and be an easy match with those types of clothes. Which type of winter heels do you think would suit your current wardrobe?

Grab faux suede styles for those chilly nights out!


On clear and frosty nights, our faux suede winter heels are always a smart option. For a start, the soft material clings to your skin and traps heat better, which means that you're less likely to get cold. Our sock-booties are the best example of this since their form-fitting ankles will protect you against bitingly cold winds with ease. Plus, winter heels with a texture like faux suede can also elevate your outfit, the same way a bright colour or pattern could. You can wear your favourite basics and let suede boots do the style work for you! 

When it's wet and raining, leather-look winter heels are the way to go!

Wildfire's leather-look boots are all synthetic, which means they have fantastic water resistance. During the wettest weather and stormiest days of the season, you can trust these winter heels to be up for anything! You won't have to worry if your boots get muddy or marked, because a quick dab of some shoe polish will clean them up in no time. Plus, our leather-look winter heels also have nice and wide platforms, so you won't be slipping or sliding on wet footpaths either. You can count on our synthetic boots there to protect your feet from the elements this season!  

Of course, we do have other winter heels for you!


Our strappy and structured booties are a popular choice in the colder months. While they offer less coverage for your feet than our actual boots, they are an excellent pick for milder days. The strappy design of these winter heels acts as a fashionable feature and allows for extra airflow. Some of the most popular versions at Wildfire include ones with laced uppers, woven material, and cute peep-toes. So, when you need winter heels on warmer days or a pair that can help you transition into the season, take a look at these lovely booties! 

Who's ready to get a closer look at our winter heels? 


Jump online and see Wildfire's gorgeous winter heels for yourself. Whether you're interested in our boots or our other platforms, we know you'll have a fun time browsing our collection. Once you've found the winter heels you like best, it's as easy as add-to-cart!