Winter Heels Perfect For The Cooler Months!

Dressy womens shoes like stilettos, mules and block heels, in general, are so versatile that they can be worn as perfect winter heels. And although most women can get away with wearing the same dressy womens pumps year-round, especially to events and special occasions, there still comes a time when you do need to invest in a good pair of winter heels. At times, the cooler months completely restrict women from wearing particular shoes, so it's always a good idea to have a few pairs of winter heels in your wardrobes.


When You Hear Winter Heels, What Shoes Come To Mind?


Most likely knee high boots, right? But some other winter heels that are commonly worn include open-toed heeled boots and mid heel mules.


Once the cooler weather sets, we guarantee that winter boots, open-toed, heeled boots and mid heel mules will become the most worn shoes in your wardrobe. Since these are the most common autumn winter heels worn by women all season long, why not invest in a pair or two to get you through those chilly nights?


So head on over to Wildfire and grab yourself a pair or two of affordable winter heels today!




Whether you are looking for a pair of knee-high, thigh-high or ankle boots, then head on over to Wildfire because we have the perfect winter heels for you! Not only do boots keep your feet warm and dry all season long, but they look great with almost anything in your wardrobe too. So if you are looking for a pair of boots that are suitable for work or casual weekend wear, then you can do no wrong in a pair of Wildfire's winter heels!


Ankle Boots


Our ankle boots look fantastic when worn for work or weekend wear. Try wearing our heel ankle boots with boyfriend style jeans. Heeled ankle boots under jeans look great when paired with oversized warm knits or tailored winter coats. Although no matter how cool and casual these boots may look with your weekend favourites, don't be afraid to pair these casual boots with your work wardrobe either. Pair up some heeled black ankle boots with dark jeans, tailored shirts and oversized blazers, or pair them with structured A-lined miniskirts and dark tights with a dressy knit tucked in.


The options are endless when it comes to styling ankle boots with your wardrobe staples, so don't be afraid to push boundaries and get as much wear as possible out of your winter heels!


Knee High Boots


These knee boots are slowly making their way back into our wardrobes after a short-lived hiatus! We love seeing these boots being worn with skirts and dresses rather than with jeans, which is a post loved trend on how these winter heels have been worn in the past.


If you are diving into the knee-high boots trend, we recommend pairing these winter heels with flowy midi skirts and dresses for a polished outfit look.


If you choose to pair these winter boots this way, then they can become a quick outfit go-to when you are in a rush, perfect for those busy mornings when you have no idea what to wear to work. Simply throw these stylish boots on with a flowy midi dress for a polished, sophisticated look for the office. The hardest decision you will have to make is choosing the perfect colour, white, black or tan!


Thigh-High Boots


Over the knee boots are a sure favourite amongst women. These winter heels are great for events when your usual to-go jeans and nice top aren't going to cut it! Again, we love seeing thigh-high boots worn with dresses and skirts. However, unlike knee high boots, we recommend wearing these winter heels with mini styles.


So, why not try an over the knee style then?


Stand out in a pair of thigh-high black leather or black suede boots. These styles look best when worn with structured miniskirts and oversized knits or blouses tucked in or with mini dresses and longline blazers thrown over the top. Or instead of a plain mini dress, why not try a chunky knitted mini dress? When it comes to these winter heels, it's all about layering, so think about wearing tights underneath your skirts or dresses or longline shirts with chunky knits worn over the top or throwing coats or longline blazers over the top.


Layering is the keyword here, and it is perfect for cooler seasonal dressing!


Combat Boots


If you are looking for edgy style winter heels to get you through the cooler months, then why not give out combat boots a try? With chunky platform heels, these winter boots will not only keep your feet warm but will also add some serious attitude to your wardrobe.


These classic lace-up biker boots are statement winter heels that are great for casual weekend wear. Pair these edgy boots with cut off or ripped jeans, a lightweight knit or tee and throw a longline tailored coat over the top for a more sophisticated take on these winter boots. Or for another sophisticated look, try pairing these boots with an A-line mini skirt and tuck in a chunky knit.


However, if bad-ass is the look you're going for, then pair these biker leather boots with cutoff jeans, a printed tee and throw a bomber or leather jacket on over the top. These winter boots are a little more versatile than you may have initially thought, so why not make a bold statement this coming season?


Are You Convinced Yet? 


With the cooler weather slowly setting in, make a start on your spring summer wardrobe and get a pair of winter boots that will most certainly make an impact!  


With our wide range of trendy shoe collection for winter, it's hard to choose just one pair of winter heels, so lucky for you, with Wildfire's year-round affordable prices, you won't have to decide. You can afford to take them all!

What are you waiting for? Make your way to Wildfire and pick up a pair of winter heels today!