Winter Heels That Are On Trend For 2020

Get the latest and greatest trends for your wardrobe! Are the shoes in your wardrobe looking old and outdated? Well, don’t let your lack of fashionable winter heels get you feeling down. Think of it as a much-needed excuse to go shopping again! And, we sincerely hope that you’ll lavish your attention on Wildfire’s winter heels in 2020.


Once you have a look at our collection, we’re sure that something will catch your attention. And, since our winter heels start at super affordable prices, you can treat yourself to more than one pair this season (without a hint of buyer’s remorse, even)! Are you ready for a sneak-peek at Wildfire’s best? 


Here is something to think about before you do:

What should you be looking for from winter heels?


Well, here at Wildfire, we think the first thing to consider about seasonal shoes like these is warmth. After all, you can guarantee that your winter heels will have to deal with cold weather, icy winds, and rainstorms at some point during the colder months. And, unless you’re content to get frosty feet and freezing toes every time that you step outside, it is something that you are going to want to think about before you add winter heels into your shopping cart.


All of our designs will cover your feet entirely, so toasty-warm toes are a given. And, since we have ankle-high, calf-high, and thigh-high boots available, you have the power to choose how much coverage you get from your winter heels. 

Now, what sort of designs might you like?


Leather-look boots are a good place to start


With their stretchy side panels, sleek and shiny material, and stacked platform, these boots make stylish winter heels. These are more smart-casual and semi-formal than some of our other designs, which means you can easily wear them out on weekends with jeans and a sweater or long-sleeved shirt.


The synthetic leather material on our ankle-high winter heels also affords them with excellent water resistance. If it starts raining (or hailing) while you’re out-and-about, you don’t need to worry about your shoes getting damaged. Pretty good, right?  

Sock booties are another excellent choice!