Winter Heels That Are Perfect For Those Cooler Nights Out!

Cold weather is on the way! Why not get some new winter heels? Wildfire’s gorgeous collection has plenty of trans-seasonal styles. Still, we’re happy to point out which ones excel during the colder months. When stormy weather rolls in, you’ll be glad to have a set of our winter heels to keep your feet dry and warm. 


We know you’ll have so much fun styling our cute shoes with your favourite seasonal outfits. While we are in between autumn winter, the best time to search for winter heels is now! We’re here to help you get started on the right foot! 


Should you be looking for winter stiletto heels or block heels?


When you take a browse through the Wildfire collection, you’ll notice that we have a reasonably even spread of stiletto heels and block heels,  platforms heel styles. Our range has everything from low heels to sky-high designs and with varying thickness. But look a little bit closer, and you’ll realise that almost all of our winter heels have a wide platform heel. Do you know why we’ve decided to save stiletto heels and other skinny pumps heels for summer and spring styles? We think we’ve got some compelling reasons! 


First, wedge sandals and other broad platform heels offer your winter heels the most support. If there’s one thing you can expect during these seasons with rain and stormy weather, it’s that you’ll need styles that can walk across slippery surfaces without issue. Thick-soled winter heels such as platform heels or even block heels are the steadiest on uneven surfaces and have the best grip on wet stones, grass, and walkways. 


Secondly, they also offer the most support for your feet. Since they distribute your body weight evenly through your legs, block heels prevent strain from building up in your ankles. You can forget about foot, leg, and back pain after spending hours on platforms if you choose the right pair! You can wear your new winter heels while you run errands, spend the day at work, catch up with friends, attend a party or other special event, and never worry about sore feet! 


Structured sandals and booties are perfect for cold nights out! 


Braided strap styles make gorgeous winter heels, especially when they’re a pair from Wildfire. We have a bunch of these adorable heeled sandals on offer in 2021, and any of them would be a great addition to your wardrobe. These winter heels provide a bit more coverage and warmth for your feet than your typical pumps heels style. Now, are you familiar with any of our strappy designs? Self-tie winter heels are always popular, as you tie them however you like.


Anyone interested in casual or dress shoes that they can alter to suit their outfit of the day will adore self-tie womens shoes! Buckled winter heels in this look are beautiful too, and some come with trendy woven material. Toe heels and peep-toes, and side cut-outs also are a trademark feature on most of these winter womens shoes, which is something to keep in mind! While they’re a prime pick for milder nights, you might want to pick a different pair from our huge collection for icy cold evenings. 


Heeled ankle boots are a fantastic option!


If you’re looking for winter heels that are a step above structured sandals, then black suede or black leather ankle boots are the way to go! While the general shape is similar, these offer full coverage for your feet, which means you won’t need to worry about your feet getting chilly! In 2021, you’ve got your pick of ankle boots for winter heels, and there’s sure to be something that matches your aesthetic. Pull-on boots could be a perfect match for you. 


These heeled ankle boots come with elastic side panels and will stretch to fit your unique foot shape flawlessly. These styles also have a sneaky side or back zipper, so you won’t have to wriggle them on and off of your feet. Do you like winter heels with a classic feel? Our smooth ankle boots are a wardrobe staple, and you’ll have no trouble matching them up with outfits in any pattern or colour. 


We can’t recommend classic winter boots enough for ladies who want the ultimate freedom of styling. Lastly, you might also find your ideal fit with our higher-cut ankle boots. Ones with ruched material are a much-loved look, but winter boots with a form-fitting ankle sock might take your fancy more!


Of course, there are also our sock boots, snow boots,  low heel, mid heel and tall boots to consider! That should give you an idea of what we have in our womens fashion shoe collection! 


Our knee-high or thigh-high boots could be your new favourite winter heels! 


Are you a fan of wearing short skirts or dresses outside of spring and summer? Pair your favourite warm-weather outfits with knee-high or thigh-high winter heels, and you can stay warm during the coldest days of the season. 


We have several tall casual boots in the Wildfire collection. All come with convenient side zippers for the ultimate ease of wear. Ladies who love oversized knits and jumpers will tell you that over-the-knee boots are a gorgeous combination with them and that they’ll stop your legs from getting frosty. For those looking ahead to their potential fashion options, knee high boots are also an easy match with long coats in a matching colour. 


Last season, we saw many of our bold boots matched with teddy coats since they can slim down your profile and balance out all that fluff. With our tall boots there to keep your legs warm from toe to thigh, you can easily get away with wearing spring jumpsuits and little skirts too.


As you can imagine, those extra styling options make over-the-knee winter boots a favourite match with party outfits. We’re positive that you could pull off a bold combination like that! 


Don’t forget that we have heaps of different materials available! 


Winter heels from Wildfire come in an amazing assortment of finishes. Plus, all of our winter heels are ethically sourced and vegan-friendly, and they still have an affordable price tag. We have everyone’s favourites, including glossy leather-look material and soft faux suede.


Faux leather styles are water-resistant and great for wet or rainy days. Ladies who want toasty warm winter heels should give faux suede a go! In 2021, you’ll spot trendy finishes in the collection, too, such as ultra-popular crocodile texture. 


Get a closer look today! Wildfire’s best winter heels are ready to come home with you!