Winter Heels That Will Be Your Go-To Year After Year!

Do you want to find the best winter heels? Come and shop at Wildfire! You’ll be amazed by the awesome styles that we have available this season, and we know the winter heels of your dreams are somewhere on our shelves. Our boots, booties, and enclosed styles are the most popular picks during the cold weather.

Let us tell you about our favourite winter heels and a few of our leading styling tips. We’ll even tell you about the best ways to sneak your go-to pair into your warm-weather wardrobe. After all, once you’ve found the ideal ones, you’ll be looking for any excuse to wear them out again! 


Leather-look winter heels are always favourites!


At Wildfire, you’ll find these shoes in black or tan. The synthetic leather material is easy to clean and has excellent water resistance, so you can trust these winter heels to last more than a few months. Plus, since the sides have stretchy elastic side gussets, they should accommodate minor growth spurts. We have versions with tall block heels and regular soles, which means you’ve got your pick of designs too. Trends come and go, but leather-look boots are forever! 


Faux suede winter heels are a popular choice too!


Ladies who like styles on the shorter side will adore our sock booties and ruched calf-high designs. Still, if you’re looking for something that can make a statement, then our over-the-knee winter heels will treat your right! The fun and fashionable material on these shoes give them a classic feel, so they’ll never go out of style. No matter how much the fashion trends change next year, we guarantee that your fuzzy winter heels will still be a hit! 


Our enclosed styles will excite you too!


Take a look at our collection, and you’ll see Wildfire has plenty of partially-enclosed styles. Like any decent trans-seasonal design, these make wonderful winter heels too. Some of our favourites include lace-up styles with ribbed sides, mule designs with ruched material on top, and elegant ones with a woven texture. 


You don’t have to wait to wear your winter heels!


These styles do their best work during the colder months, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t an excellent choice in spring and summer too! Our winter heels are trans-seasonal, and we’re sure that you’ll get plenty of use out of them throughout the year. Do you want some help to get started? 


Here are some things to note:


Winter heels that cover (or partially-cover) your feet are perfect for wear outdoors. In summer and spring, they can protect your feet from sunburn, prickly foliage, bugs, and other hazards. As such, winter heels like our booties are a favourite pick at open-air music festivals, picnics in the park, and similar settings. 

Ankle-high winter heels are easy to match with different bottoms; the only thing you need to be mindful of is that you don’t conceal ankle features under your hemline. Shorts, skirts, and summer dresses are an instant match with booties, and you shouldn’t have trouble with jumpsuits either. 

Calf-high and over-the-knee winter heels can add a bold feel to your warm-weather outfits. You can add a flirty feel to any ensemble by leaving a gap between the top of your boots and your hemline. Plus, even if you don’t need the extra warmth from your boots, you’ll still enjoy the soft faux suede against your skin. 


Which winter heels do you want for your wardrobe? 


We have heaps for you to choose from at Wildfire, so have a look! Browse online; it's easy and delivery is fast! Why wait? Take home our winter heels, and you’ll be enjoying them for years!