Women's Low Heels That Aren't Boring

The debate on high or low heels has been around for quite some time. Pros and cons have come up, even which ones are more stylish, and the list continues.


Our take on this is that each has its appeal. Low heels, for instance, are not boring at all. Plus, their comfort pushes them higher on the coolness factor.


Women's low heels combine height, comfort, and stability best. However, we must admit that the more expensive the footwear, the more we must prepare for it, such as by walking in it and breaking it in.


These shoes also require minimal maintenance. And they are far from boring, especially the styles available at Wildfire.


Our women's new season heels will add towering style to every look, from low-heel to mid-heel pointed pumps. So how can these shoes elevate your look?


Look at Wildfire's vast collection of low-heeled footwear at the right price to see for yourself.


Women's Low Heels—Styles that Combine Fashion and Comfort!


 The first adjective that comes to mind about low-heeled footwear is "comfortable." These shoes are typically 2.5–5 cm high, providing a tolerable height that you can wear all day.


They are so cosy that you'll even forget you're wearing them from dawn until dusk, day in and day out. But it doesn't stop there.


This footwear is eye-catching and stylish. These stylish and functional shoes offer most women, who spend most of their days on their feet, a great middle ground between flats and other taller alternatives. One more reason to go for low heels is to protect your health.


Constantly wearing high footwear can harm your back, ankles, knees, and other parts because they alter the centre of gravity and adjust the angle of your feet. When you choose these shoes, you will never have to suffer again. Plus, you get to look great too!

We at Wildfire would like to share the different styles of low heels that are far from boring!


Style 1 - Kitten (Mid-Low Heels)


Low kitten heels are a topic of much discussion because only some people appreciate them. But for those who adore them, these shoes are a straightforward method to improve an outfit while causing the slightest discomfort at work.


Turn to low heels! All the meetings will be a breeze with these shoes. And you don't need to worry about buying an extra pair of footwear for after-office events because low kitten heels will do.


Combining these shoes with a pencil skirt is one way to style them for the workplace. Add a winter coat or double-breasted blazers on colder days or months. Check out Wildfire's styles, which are strappy and showcase your sexy feet.


Style 2 - Short Block Heels


The short-block low heels are the best because they combine comfort, style, and functionality. When you choose this, you also get built-in arch support, a strong, moderate heel, and a cushioned footbed that can absorb shock.


We must stress the advantages of wearing short-block shoes. First, the proximity to the ground gives your foot superior all-around support. More importantly, the thick width of the heel spreads your weight evenly, which takes the pressure off your ankles and the balls of your feet.


Some styling tips for these low heels include jeans, trousers, a midi dress, and most clothes in your closet. 


Style 3 - Wedge (the Best Style for Mid Low Heels)


Is summer your favourite season? If yes, get low wedge heels because they are the best footwear for this season.


Breathability is their strong suit, letting air enter and moisture escape. But, of course, you wouldn't want foot sweat that can breed bacteria and fungi. Are you going to a beach or garden wedding?


If yes, these shoes are for you because they won't get stuck on sand, grass, or soil. These wedges provide the same comfort level as flats but with an extra lift. They give your foot's arch more significant support, which is why you'll appreciate wearing them.


Moreover, these low heels have more cushion, protecting your feet from impact. More importantly, wedges are good for your health! Because these low heels offer more support, the calf muscle can relax, which takes the pressure off the plantar fascia.


With the wedge's versatility, expect that most of your outfits will match it. Our go-to style when wearing these wedges is a boat-neck tank top and skirt. Check your wardrobe!


Colour and Size


The Wildfire collection is chic, current, stylish, comfortable, and reasonably priced. In addition, our low heels don't have severe inclines, sparing your muscles from stress and strain.


What's your favourite colour?


Wildfire's low heels come in nine colours that are easy to match. They are black, brown, clear, gold, natural, pink, silver, tan, vanilla, and white.


An otherwise stressful and gloomy day can become brighter by wearing something bright. Consider pink low heels. Clear-coloured footwear reminds us of glass slippers that highlight your beautiful feet.


With the colours of our mid-low heels, you can be playful or minimalist but never dull! The most appealing characteristic of these shoes is their low heels. And we understand how your whole body clamours for them.


But the question is, what is your shoe size?


Wildfire's low heels come in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Measure your shoe size accurately to determine which is right for you.


We suggest taking your measurement in the afternoon or evening when your tootsies are at their largest. You must include this swelling when you try on low heels. Measure the distance with a ruler between the end of your longest toe and the heel of your foot.


Stop your search—here's a handy size guide to help you find your size.


Women's low-heeled shoes that aren't boring are an excellent gift for yourself!


You deserve something as exciting as you! So replace your drab shoes with a fabulous pair!


Slay each day with low heels! Head to our online shop or the stockist nearest you to get your perfect fit. We have a huge range, so why go to the checkout with only one perfect pair? Continue shopping in Australia!


With Wildfire's low prices, you can afford to put two in your shopping bag. Then you'll be all set for the next event, whether it's a night out or an occasion to be on the dance floor!